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The day you bought your first car actually starts a new era of your life. Your first car actually gives you a liberty to create an image for yourself on the street. There are many online car modifications stores that are providing genuine products and one such store is Shaharyar Traders.

Shaharyar Traders offers huge variety of Car Modifications Pakistan, such as HID Lights, Wooden Dashboard, Mobile Holders, Travelling Charger, Fog Lamp, Car Antenna, Car Silencer and so on.

Car Modification helps to boost and improve the performance of cars. Such car modification accessories Pakistan helps to prolong the life of your car. There are tens of hundreds of shops that offer car modification services, including the Shaharyar Trader, but you should understand that the overall process of choosing the car modifications for your car is much complex, technical and required adequate knowledge that how it can or how it cannot be beneficial to modify your car.

There are some General modifications hacks that can improve and boost the overall performance of your car significantly. Some of them are mentioned below:

1)      Ignition System:

It is a fact that the ignition system of the car is amongst the most neglected areas, when it comes to car modification in Lahore. A majority of car owners doesn’t pay much attention to the ignition system, but it is an imperative part of modification and needs much more detail attention. You should make sure that your car spark is working flawlessly and strong enough to ignite the fuel. Second, you should note that rate at which the flame travels.

The car ignition system basically consists of three main factors, including the overall quality of the fuel, quality of ignition leads, the quality of ignition coils, the design of the combustion chamber and turbulence of the fuel inside the combustion chamber. There are other several which affect the overall performance of car ignition and must be taken care of, but there are the important ones which we mentioned here.

2)      Suspension Tuning:

If you really love your dream car, then you should know this fact that the suspension system of the car also acts as the important car modification and it has a direct impact on the driving of the car. The suspension tuning ensures the safety of the car by transmitting all forces required to drag the vehicle on the road. The suspension tuning can change the overall performance of your car drastically.

3)      Cylinder Head Porting:

The cylinder head porting, as you might not be familiar with the term, is basically a process of modifying the intake ports of internal combustion engine and the exhaust of the car. This modification significantly improves the quality and quantity of the fuel combustion in your car. The majority of the cylinder heads supplied with the cars are basically of low quality. By porting the cylinder head helps to modify and scrutinize them according to your needs, you can easily attain the highest efficiency of fuel combustion.

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