Tonyin Iron.X Cleaner 473ml


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  • Iron X is an acid free, pH- balanced iron remover that decontaminates auto paint and wheels.
  • It can effectively remove the iron powder and oxide layer on surface of paint.
  • Remove brake powder and star spot on surface of the hub.
  • Prevents the spread of iron-related damage to protect your vehicle from paint system failure.


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  • Clean your car and spray this product evenly on the surface. During this time any ferrous particles will dissolve forming a purple solution. (clean the wheels with brush after 15 seconds) DO NOT allow product to dry on the surface.
  • Rinse residue and repeat if necessary.


  • Before using this product make sure the temperature of car body is cool.
  • Use in well ventilated area out of direct sunlight as the product has very strong and unpleasant odour.
  • It is recommended to wear waterproof gloves while applying. Wash your hands with soap after operation.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Skin irritation If eye or skin contacted accidentally, flush with large amounts of water immediately, and call medical help.

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