Pioneer TS-WX306T Basstube 1300W


  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Maximum Input Power (watts) : 1300
  • Spearkers Maximum Output Power 350 Watts
  • Box Contents : 1 Basstube
  • Best Tuned Enclosure System (Tube)



Voice Coil Cooling System

Heat radiation is the key point to improve durability and sound. Aluminum Cap & Aluminum Bobbin allow heat to be removed from the center of the subwoofer for improved frequency response and high power handling. A: Heat is also radiated from aluminium cap along aluminium bobbin. B: Heat is radiated from iron of the magnetic circuitng.

Best Tuned Enclosure System (Tube)

Any speaker will produce sound in any cabinet, but optimizing the relationship between the speaker and the enclosure is the key to good bass. Its ported enclosure system provides you a deep, loud & punchy bass.

Dome shapes integrated into the IMPP cone provide increased strength and rigidity for an optimized bass response. Its cone has high rigidity and light in weight for quicker response, thereby creating an impactful bass. Speaker cones with lesser rigid tend to move like a wave, creating an unpleasant musical experience. Why compromise on sound?

Large Suspension System

It supports the voice coil effectively by dampening the large cone vibration and enhancing the linearity of sound reproduction. It’s soft part makes movement smooth and reproduces a clear sound at an excessive input, its hard part controls excessive vibration and prevents movement error.




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