Pioneer TS-R1051S 10cm 3-way Coaxial Speakers (210W)


  • Our sporty looking TS-R speakers tap the full potential of your in-car audio setup.
  • Frequency response 34 – 27,000
  • Mounting Depth 43 mm
  • Maximum power 210 W
  • Coaxial Speakers


  • 10cm 3way Coaxial Speakers (210W) – Pioneer TS-R1051S Aimed at providing loud and clear output for any type of music.
  • their sound quality results from a multilayer mica matrix woofer cone which ensures punching bass and improved midrange frequency response.
  • You’ll enjoy a sound that is more accurate, with a full-bodied bass.
  • Coaxial Design Coaxial speakers or full range speakers as they are also known as offer higher quality sound than their dual cone counterparts.
  • The tweet at the helm of the cone allows higher end frequencies (high notes) to be distributed out.
  • This also does not require a separate crossover to fit them.
  • MMM Cone and Rubber surround Enjoy a wider dispersion of sound with deeper bass through the Multi-layer Mica matrix cone Low to Medium Power.
  • These speakers allow up to 30W RMS to each speaker and 210W peak power. Which is about average for a 10cm speaker.
  • These speakers can be run on your headunit or via a separate amplifier.


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