Nu-Finish NF-76 Liquid Car Polish

Nu Finish

  • Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish keeps your car exterior looking new with only one application per year
  • Delivers impressive shine and protection without rubbing or buffing
  • As the only polish available with no wax, the Nu Finish formula is specifically made to protect your car’s paint and clear-coat finish
  • Perfect for use on cars, fiberglass boats, RVs, and even chrome surfaces
  • Apply polish with a damp cloth, let dry to a haze, and wipe off



Protecting your vehicle while keeping it polished is essential for any car owner. Nu Finish The Once A Year Car Polish delivers a shine you’ll love and also safeguards your car even after 52 automatic car washes, guaranteeing a long-lasting sheen. Unlike wax, Nu Finish Car Polish no-wax formula is easy to apply and won’t break down your car’s paint or finish. Forget the car buffer: This liquid polish is easy to apply and can even be used in direct sunlight. Your other vehicles are important, too. That’s why Nu Finish is multipurpose and can be used on cars, fiberglass boats, RVs, and chrome surfaces. For application, first make sure your car is washed and dried. Apply Nu Finish with a damp cloth, one section at a time. Let it dry to a haze and wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth… then admire the shine. If you’re looking for other simple, reliable ways to keep your car bright and polished, explore Nu Finish’s line of dependable polishes and auto washes. Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish is the #1 rated car polish, as determined by leading consumer magazines, for its consistent combination of protection, durability, gloss improvement and retail value. What makes Nu Finish so effective is its wax-free formula, which makes it both easier to apply in all temperature and sun conditions and more durable. To use simply apply a small amount of Nu Finish to a clean vehicle exterior with a damp cloth, let it dry to a haze and wipe off – no heavy rubbing or buffing is needed. The wax-free Nu Finish formula provides all-weather protection to your car and can also be used to protect a wide range of other vehicles and items.


Nu Finish

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