KIA Sportage 2020 to 2021 – Back Spoiler ABS Plastic

  • Material:ABS
  • Installation method: 3M adhesive tape installation
  • The original 3D precision mold opening has the existing curvature and enough flexibility to fit the body perfectly.
  • No matter which country you go to, the modified car is always the most beautiful scenery on the road!




About Appearance modification

There are three things about car modification

The exterior modification of the car body has always occupied a very important position. The general exterior modification mainly includes stickers, car body painting, car logos, front and rear bumpers, large enclosures, high rear wing, open-hole engine cover, window side weather shield, HID xenon headlights, front Headlight trim panels, front and rear perspective mirrors, lowered body, etc.

The fastest and easiest way to change the appearance of the car is to install an aerodynamic kit.

The so-called aerodynamic package is commonly known as a large package, which basically includes the air intake grille, the side spoiler (side skirt), the rear surround and the rear spoiler flow (tail wing), etc.

Sometimes we also see the original insurance The bar will be equipped with a lower spoiler, which is generally called the chin: if the bar is not replaced with the front and rear safety bars, but the chin is added, some people call it a small bag.

In addition to adding an aerodynamic package to make the vehicle more visible and sporty, the most important thing is to have a good performance improvement effect. Adding an aerodynamic package will make the vehicle run faster,

Strictly speaking, a good kit usually increases the speed of the car, which can make the car have a more stable performance.

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