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Honda Civic Back Smoked Red – Model 2022

  • Easy installation (Professional installation recommended).
  • Can be used in civic 2022 model.
  • Available for both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive.
  • LED will stay cool situation and longer life span with no color fading.



Taillight are now an important safety item that helps drivers communicate their intentions to other drivers. New types of taillights using LED technology are becoming increasingly popular.

Benefits of LED Tail Lights
LED lighting offers clear advantages over the incandescent lighting that has been traditionally used in automotive taillight applications. Incandescent lights utilize a filament that creates light when it is electrically charged. This filament is both delicate and produces a great deal of heat. LED taillights do not suffer from these drawbacks, so they are more efficient and less prone to the damage that continuous use on rough roads can produce.

LED taillights provide several advantages over factory-issue taillights.

Waterproof – LED taillights use solid state technology, which means they are sealed and completely waterproof. Excellent for use in wet driving conditions, also resistant to dirt and oils that are on roadways

Longer Lifespan – LED lights have no filament to burn out so they last up to 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs

Less Power – LED lights are efficient and use less than half the power that traditional bulbs use. Important for electric vehicles; can save money in gasoline-based automobiles as well

Shock Resistant – Solid state technology means no moving parts or delicate wires needed to produce lighting. Much less prone to the effects of vibrations or bumps

Corrosion Resistant – LED lights do not require the metallic connections of incandescent lights.
No metallic connections to conduct electricity means no possibility of corrosion

Quick Response – LED taillights are 25 per cent quicker to activate than incandescent lights. Provide increased safety due to quicker response

Smaller – LED taillights require reduced space to house the lighting elements. Can fit in smaller spaces than incandescent lights that need larger bulbs to produce required lighting

Lower Temperature – LED lights do not utilize a filament that burns in order to produce light. No burning means LED lights do not produce heat

Many LED taillights are made up of several small LED’s that work together to create the overall light. The advantage to this is that if one of the LED bulbs fails, many other bulbs are still available to produce light. LED taillights also produce a cooler shade of lighting that is brighter in appearance and improves the visual performance of the driver.

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