Getsun Car Shampoo Cleans, Shines And Protects With Powerful Foam-2Litres

High dense foam formula:
high concentrations of dense foam, extending solution in the body attachment time, and more fully, clean more thoroughly.
Excellent lubrication function:
this is very suitable for sexual friction washing (computer brush rolled, hand-washing, cleaning and other contact friction washing), effectively reduce the wear contacts, have no scratch.
Soft-cleaning function:
contain unique soft-active agent, emulsifying effect, clean body on the day-to-day dirt.
UV protective function:
with the stealth solar films to reach antioxidant effects.
Enticing fragrance:
contain lemon flavor, you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of the smell of lemon while washing the car.
biodegradable formula ingredients, can be directly discharged into city sewers will not pollute the environment.



GetSun’s Shampoo Adopts an advanced international formula, this shampoo is made by applying complex soft and surface active materials. It contains super decontamination polymer. The foam created is rich and can effectively attach on the surface to decompose, making the car gloss without damaging the coating surface. This GETSUN product can effectively remove greasy dirt, gum and carbon deposits on PVC valve, ERG valve, choke and other parts. It can easily flush off the charcoal residue on carburetor. The product can improve the combustion efficiently, help save oil and decrease the gas pollution. MONEY SAVER PACK of 2 Liters

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