Carpro PERL Coating (Water Based SiO2 Multi Use Dressing) – 1 Liter (Ratio upto 1:10)

  • PERL by CarPro is a concentrated versatile water-based, protective coating for plastics, rubber, and leather that offers tremendous UV protection.
  • PERL is a water based dilute to suit product, covering a large array of tasking within car care.
  • It can be used to restores the like-new appearance of hard exterior plastic surfaces and keeps them looking good with strong UV and hydrophobic protection.
  • The sun can be damaging on flexible materials, like rubber, plastic, and leather.
  • Gradually & over the course of time they fade & become brittle and cracked.
  • PERL is changing the rules.
  • PERL provides excellent protection and lasts up to three months.



Dilutions: (Note- You are welcome to adjust any of the dilutions as you see fit and find many options work very well) Below are some suggestions External Plastics: 1 part Perl / 1~3 parts water Engine: 1 part Perl / 1~3 parts water Tires & Rubber: Undiluted~1:1 (I recommended 1:1) 2 thin coats with 20 minutes or more between will offer the best looking dark black tires you will find. Interior Vinyl and Leather: 1 part PERL / 5 Parts water

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