Carpro Glass Polishing Pad – 5.5 Inches

  • High Cutting.
  • Minimal Heat.
  • Stable Glass Cutting pads.



The CarPro Rayon Glass Polishing Pad is engineered to do one thing – Improve your vision! By using a unique rayon fiber, this pad gives you the ability to remove water spots, mineral deposits, road film and light wiper scratches from glass. The CarPro Rayon Glass Polishing Pad can be used with either a dual-action or rotary buffer for excellent results!.

Glass surfaces are much harder than the paint on your car. Glass requires a special pad to do the job. The CarPro Rayon Glass Polishing Pad uses tightly packed rayon fibers to clean and polish glass so that it is crystal clear. Glass polishing is often a messy affair, this rayon pad features a flexible design, allowing it to contour and keep polish splatter to a minimum. CarPro CeriGlass is the perfect partner for this pad.

The CarPro Rayon Glass Polishing Pad’s fibers create a large surface area, ideal for polishing away contamination -and deposits!- from automotive glass. Use these CarPro Rayon Glass Polishing Pads with CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish, or your favorite glass polish, to clean and restore clarity to all of your exterior glass. These pads are ideal for most windshields, side windows and rear windows.

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