Carpro Essence Plus (1L)

  • High gloss jeweling coat.
  • Repairs nano coatings.
  • Incredible on bare paint!
  • Adds layer of SiO2 Quartz protection.
  • Excellent hydrophobic agent.
  • Produces extreme gloss.
  • Use with D/A or by hand.
  • Cleans, glosses, and protects: Bare paint, PPF, chrome, and glass.
  • Formulated for professional use on previously coated vehicles.


Non Abrasive High Gloss Jeweling Coat – Repairs Nano Coatings – Adds layer of SiO2 Quartz protection – Excellent Hydrophobic Agent – Produces Extreme Gloss – Use with Machine or Hand – For use on pre-coated Vehicles, or use as standalone SiO2 sealant.

Essence plus is special resins and SiO2 mixture which made for “recovering” coated cars , durable fillers and hydrophobic with extreme gloss making without any abrasives.


  • Wash with Reset, and decontaminate with IronX, Spotless and TarX as needed.
  • Dry vehicle and wipe down with CarPro Eraser for clean oil free surface.
  • Apply 4 pea size drops to CarPro Gloss Pad mounted with Polisher.
  • Use no pressure and on low speed across 24×24″ section.
  • Wipe off immediately with Microfiber Towel.
  • When applying by hand, apply Essence+ to a soft foam applicator and work in a circular motion.
  • Let dry slightly to a haze and wipe off immediately after.

CarPro Essence Plus+ cures with the help of heat produced by the polisher, thus buff off right away and do not let it haze. Β However hand application generally does not generate enough heat to help Essence Plus+ cure, thus light hazing is required.

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