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Shaharyar Traders is your well-known and authentic online car accessories store that offers you the complete range of cutting-edge car accessories under one roof. The company also offers the nationwide delivery. For more convenience, the company provides the credit facility as well to its valued customers. The company offered complete variety and range of Front Headlights, HID Lights, LED Lights and Fog Lamps at economical prices in Pakistan.

The company has got the Car Fog Lamps in Pakistan for different vehicles and models, including the Toyota Aqua 2008 – 2011, Toyota Prius 2011 – 2015, Suzuki Cultus 2016 – 2019, Toyota Corolla 2002 – 2008, Honda Civic 2004 – 2006, Honda City 2009 – 2014, Toyota Prado FJ150 2010 – 2014, Suzuki Wagon-R 2015 – 2019, amongst others.

What are Car Fog Lamps?
Car Fog Lamps or Fog Lights are basically a type of automotive headlight designed to emit sharp lights in a bar-shaped beam. These lights are considered as savior for your vehicle in harsh weather conditions, when there is low visibility in snow, fog or rainy conditions

The fog lights are characterized by the low beam and high beam headlights. The main purpose of low beam and high beam fog lights are to form the shallow angle, which helps them to illuminate the road surface at a great distance in harsh weather conditions. This alerts the other vehicle to immediately identify that some vehicle is moving on the road that helps them to take extra cautions and measures to avoid any mishap.

When to use Fog Lights in Pakistan?
The main purpose of car fog light is to identify the presence of vehicle in poor or low visibility conditions, including the snow, fog, rain or even in the excessive amount of dust in the air. The distinctive feature of the fog lights is that unlike the headlights, they only illuminate the ground that appears immediately in front of the vehicle.

A majority of car lovers prefers to buy the fog lights with selective yellow light because of their wavelength. The other distinctive feature of using the yellow light is that they don’t produce dangerous glare during poor conditions or during nighttime driving, unlike the blue and violet lights that produce dangerous and harmful glare during nighttime driving and cause problem for other drivers.

What are Rear Fog Lights?
When the front-mounted fog lights are designed to protect your vehicle from the front side, the use of rear fog lights help to protect your vehicle hitting from the back side under the same poor visibility conditions.

The fog lights are useful and they can really protect you and yourself from major accidents as such lights can easily alert other drivers, who are approaching your vehicle at high speed. Rear fog lights help them to timely identify your presence, before it’s too late. Usually, the rear fog lamps are in red color, so it is normally a good practice to install such lights at a considerable distance from the brake lights for easy identification.

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