Interesting And Less Known Facts About Car Racing Nuts!

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Why Car Racing Nuts Are Important?
The Car Wheel Nuts on a vehicle are important components that many car owners and drivers likely take for granted. The lug nuts are responsible for holding the wheels to the vehicle’s hub; if they are loose, the wheel or wheels held by the loose lug nuts could literally come off of the hub while the vehicle is being driven. If you suspect that your vehicle’s lug nuts are loose, stop driving immediately until you can secure them to avoid a potentially dangerous accident.

Wheels are attached to the hub of a vehicle and are held on with lug nuts, or in the case of some vehicles (BMWs for instance), with lug bolts. If the racing nuts or bolts are loose, the wheel will not be held snugly against the hub of the vehicle. When the vehicle is driven, the wheels will shake. The shaking will be felt in the steering, and likely throughout the whole car.

If the Wheel Nuts on the wheels are not tightened properly, the lug nuts are likely loose. To test the tightness of the lug nuts, check the torque settings with a torque wrench. Place the torque wrench on the lug nut and then turn it clockwise to see how tight the lug nuts are. Tighten the lug nuts if they are too loose.

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