Want An Easy Fix For Your Front Bumper Grill? Read This!

It is an undeniable fact that there are a number of online car accessories store that are currently operating in Pakistan, but not all the car accessories store offers you a complete variety at economical prices like Shaharyar Traders. Shaharyar Traders is a top-notch online car accessory company that has got years of experience in the relevant field and offered its services to far flung areas of Pakistan. The company has got the complete range of Door Guard, Car Silencer, Back Trunk Lids, Fog Lights, HID Lights and Front Bumper Grill, amongst others.

The company has got the complete variety of Front Bumper Grill in Pakistan meant for different vehicles and models, including the Honda Vezel 2012 – 2017, Toyota Fortuner 2016  – 2020, Toyota Hilux Revo 2016 – 2020, Honda Civic 2016 – 2020, Toyota Corolla 2017 – 2020, Toyota Hilux Vigo 2012 – 2016, Toyota Prado FJ150 2009 – 2018, amongst others.

What is the main purpose of Bumper Grill?
Front Grills in Pakistan are basically designed to serve a real purpose, as they allow proper airflow under the hood of the vehicle to cool off the radiator and engine. It is an undeniable fact that car consists of hundreds of thousands of large and small components and chances are there that friction of the components can generate heat in your car internals, so it is always recommended to keep the internal temperature of your car as low as possible to avoid any minor or major mishap during the journey.

The car front grill is usually mounted under the hood of the vehicle that allows the proper passage of air from your car internals that helps them to work smoothly.

Apart from protecting from overheating, the use of front grills also helps to protect your vehicle’s engine by preventing the entry of dust, dirt, debris and insects that can also cause damage your vehicle internals.

Difference between Wider and Narrow Opening Grills:
As we discussed earlier, the main purpose of the Front Grill is to lower down the temperature of your car as low as possible. Having said that, the grills with wider holes are usually recommended, because they allow more passage of air and more air coming in means that there is a lesser chance for overheating your vehicle.

Whereas, the grills with narrow opening only allows limited quantity of air and the limited quantity of air may lead to increase the lower temperature of your car internals after sometime.

Different Styles for Front Bumper Grills:
The bumper grills come in different custom design and styles. If you only want to retain the previous look of your car, then you can easily go for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) styles. However, if you want to give your vehicle somewhat a sporty and modern look, then you can also purchase the custom front grills from Shaharyar Traders.

Types of Materials:
The front grill comes in different materials, including the aluminum, stainless steel and ABS plastic. The strongest material amongst them is Stainless Steel, but it also costs more money than the others.

Just keep in mind, if you want to prefer light weight material, then only use the ABS material. However, if you want to use lightweight material with durability, then go for aluminum and if durability is all what you are looking for, then you should only go for Stainless Steel.

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