Wondering How To Make Your Door Sill Plate Rock? Read This To Find Out More!

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Do You Really Need Door Sill Plate For Your Vehicle?
Fitting a set of sill protectors to your car is a quick and easy way to help protect the paintwork on the door sills from the damage that can be caused by people’s shoes as they get in and out of the vehicle.

The protectors available are all released by genuine manufacturers and they carry a full manufacturer’s warranty against defect. Depending on the manufacturer and the model, the protectors will be supplied either as a pair for the front doors of the vehicle or as a set of four helping to protect all four door sills.

Sill protectors, sill guards or scuff plates as they are also known, are available in a range of materials from a basic foil finish through a PVC form up to a set of stainless steel protectors.

All of them are designed to carry out the same job of helping to prevent damage to your car door sills. The protectors are usually quick and easy to fit as they simply stick into place. Usually using the self-adhesive tape supplied with them.

The sill protectors will also often feature either the model’s name or the manufacturer’s name. Some manufacturers also offer the sill protectors with an illuminated panel. The panel is linked into the door switch and will light up when the door is opened. The panel again usually features the model or manufacturer’s name.

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