The Truth About Floor Mat 5D, 7D and 9D In 3 Little Words!

The domain of internet has totally changed the way of online shopping and now each customer can place an order from internet just by tapping the screen of his/her smartphone or tablet. Same case applies to the domain of car accessories. In older days, the customer has to physically visit the market and have to check the quality of the accessories they are purchasing for their vehicles. Now, there are dozens of top online stores operating in Pakistan that offers the nationwide delivery of genuine car accessories and Shaharyar Trader is one of such online stores.

We have the largest collection of Alloy Rims, Tires, HID Lights, Fog Lights, Horns, Mobile Holder, Racing Nuts, Steering Covers, Back Trunk Lids, Door Lights, Bumper Guards and Non-Slip Mat, amongst others.

We deal only in original and genuine car accessories for different automobile manufacturers. We also got the complete variety of Floor Mat 5D, 7D and 9D in our inventory. All the customers can easily find the top quality 9D Mat in our physical and virtual shop, including Floor Mat 5D Revo 2016-2019, Floor Mat 7D Brown for Honda Vezel 2012 to 2018, Floor Mat 9D With Grass Black And Grey for Toyota Fortuner 2016 to 2020, Car Mats 7D Compatible with Toyota Yaris 2020 Black, Floor Mat 9D With Grass Beige for KIA Sportage 2019 to 2020, Floor Mat 7D Prado 2009-2019 and Floor Mat 7D Fortuner 2015-2019.

5D Floor Mats:
The 5D Floor Mats are considered as the supreme category of floor mats that are 100% dust and waterproof. The 5D Floor Mats, as the name suggests, comes with the revolutionary 5 dimensional design with texture.

These mats are equipped with the heel pad on the driver’s side that provides maximum safety while driving. These mats perfectly cover edge to edge of vehicle flooring to prevent the entry of unwanted material. These mats give a premium look and they are highly durable as compare to the other types of floor mats.

7D Floor Mats:
7D Floor Mats are amongst the most luxurious car mats that offers luxury appeal apart from other features. These mats are integrated with the double layer protection to protect the interior of your car. These mats have a thick layer of coil mats that provides maximum comfort, luxury and cleanliness to the vehicle and its passengers.

These mats give your vehicle the premium look and extravagant feel that you always dreamed of.

9D Floor Mats:
If luxury and class is what you always look for, then 9D floor mats can easily fulfill your purpose in the efficient manner. These mats are most luxurious and durable floor mats that you can easily purchase from Shaharyar Traders.

These mats come with the distinctive 9 Dimensional design with texture. The 9D Floor Mats are 100% waterproof and dust proof and they offer more durability and class than the 7 dimensional mats.

These mats are integrated with several thick layers of coil mat that provides utmost comfort to passengers. These mats easily neatly cover edge to edge of vehicle carpet flooring. With these mats, you don’t have to worry about the and dust, dirt or any other particle to ruin your carpet flooring.

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