Don’t Waste Time! 5 Facts Until You Reach Your Headrest And Mirror Screens

If you are looking to purchase the car accessories online in Pakistan, then you should not waste your money on buying low quality products from fake suppliers. Instead, you should only rely on the Shaharyar Traders that has got the complete range of car accessories in its hood. The company has got the entire range of Car Seat Covers, Car Security System, Car Modification Accessories, Body Kits, Alloy Rims, Tires, Front Headlights, Door Lights, Car Antenna, Back Garnish and Arm Rest.

The company also got the complete range of Headrest And Mirror Screens in its inventory, which consists of Android Universal Headrest Tablet 12.5 Inch Screen IPS Display Multimedia System, Almani Headrest AVD-9900 9 Inch with USB Port (Beige and Black), Almani AVD-8500U, Almani AVD-8500BT and Dual Universal Vehicle Headrest Monitor – 7in Adjustable Almani Car Mount Multimedia Entertainment Display Screens for DVD Player and Video Games with Wireless IR Transmitter for Headphones.

What are Headrest Monitors and Why they are Necessary for your Vehicle?
Headrest Monitors are basically the LCD screens that are designed to install in the back of the headrest of the front car seats. The headrest Monitors has the option to merge with the upholstery fabric of car seats, so it doesn’t spoil the overall look and the beauty of your car.

Full Entertainment Packed Boxes:
The Headrest Monitors are basically the entertainment packed boxes that consist of an embedded DVD Player and USB ports, so all the customers in the rear seats can enjoy their favorite multimedia content on the go.

The Headrest Monitors are powered by the latest Android OS, so it also enables the passengers to easily install and enjoy their favorite Apps and games in it.

Please note that the overall features of each the Headrest Monitors vary from each other and so is the price. Usually the unit that comes with more feature’s costs more and vice versa.

Want to Install Headrest in your Car? Visit Shaharyar Traders Now!
If you are planning to install the Headrest Monitors in your car, then you just have to visit the Shaharyar Traders for the very same purpose. The company has got several outlets in Lahore, where you can easily visit for the installation of Headrest or any other car accessory in your car.

The company also got the well-trained and learned staff that can easily install and activate the Headrest Monitor in almost any car with ease.

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