Excellence In Amplifier Comes From 3 Key Things…

If you are looking to purchase different top of the line car accessories for your car, such as Car Audio System, Car Stereo System, Android Panels, Amplifiers, Woofers and Speakers, then you should only rely on Shaharyar Traders for the very same purpose. This company is based in Lahore and offers free nationwide delivery on selected products.

The company also got the complete range of amplifiers in its hood. The company offers amplifiers for different configuration and automobile manufacturers, including Cerwin Vega HED300.2 300W MAX HED Series 2-Channel Class AB Car Amplifier, JBL GX-A604 435W 4-Channel GX Series Amplifier, Amplifier A/D/S AMR-1000.2 Analog and Digital Systems, Amplifier A/D/S BLU-600.2 Analog and Digital System, Solid Audio F-43 4CH Amplifier, Phoenix Gold Z500.4 250W RMS 4CH Amplifier and Phoenix Gold P300.4 4CH Amplifier.

The company also got another range of amplifiers, including, MAC Sound URA-2080 2CH Amplifier, Solid Audio F-45 4CH Amplifier, Power Acoustik P2.100 2CH Amplifier, Almani MA-8500 4CH Mosfet Amplifier Max Power 8500W, Almani MA-6500 4CH Mosfet Amplifier Max Power 3000W and Pioneer TS-WX400DA Space Saving Active 250W Subwoofer with Digital Amplifier.

Types of Car Amplifiers:
Car Amplifiers can be categorized into different configuration and classes, which are listed below:

  1. Mono Channel Amplifiers: This is the most basic type of amplifier and it usually has only one channel. These types of amplifiers usually used for powering the subwoofers and they have limited use. One of the distinctive advantages of the Mono Channel Amplifier is that they need very little power and produces very little heat during transmission of signals to the speakers.
  1. Channel Amplifiers: These types of amplifiers have two different channels and they produce more power for a single speaker. These amplifiers can be categorized into two different classes as Class A and Class AB. The Class A Amplifiers only use single transistor. The Class A amplifier is preferred, because they send a very clear and direct signal, but they also draw more energy. On the other hand, AB Class uses two transistors.
  1. Channel Amplifier: These types of amplifiers usually consist of two different amplifiers that are combined in the one. The 3 channels usually consist of Class D and Class AB amplifiers. These types of Amplifiers are usually used to install in a small vehicle, where there is very little or compact space available.

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