Privacy Policy By Shaharyar Traders

Being on the following page, you are visiting the secured privacy policy and the terms. We have mentioned these terms on the page to clear out your doubts and to make you feel secure. We want you to know about our privacy policy so you can feel safe as we highly respect all the provided personal details and data. We have shared the guideline to acknowledge you about the secured methods we used to keep you and your data private.

Your Identity

When you visit our site, you have to agree to the terms and conditions related to our privacy policy in order to stay safe here. Another most important thing is that you are unknown until you connect with us through an account. If you only want to visit, you can do it anonymously. We collect your personal data to proceed with our dealing as it is required for the site according to the laws and authorities.

Security of Your Personal Information

To secure your personal data is our topmost priority. We never ignore the security steps. We collect some basic data about you to get the deal confirmed and to deliver the mentioned product as you place an order. We require your name, contact number, address, gender, email id, and payment details to further proceed. We love to connect with our customers with the correctly provided details as we don't want to bother you again and again. But be aware of the hacking of your accounts as many of the customers pass such info to the courier service which we don't allow as we are not responsible for mishaps through your mistakes. So be safe and don't provide your details except for our team.

We may use some of your details for the marketing and research work but keeping you anonymous and secure. So with us, you are always safe.

Involving the Third Parties

As we have mentioned, we involve third parties in your details for marketing purposes and other required steps but keeping you safe and anonymous. We have to use your details for various purposes like customer assistance, data analyzing and marketing but that won't harm you as we always make it sure. Reading the third parties connection and links you need not worry as we never change our privacy policy and we avoid the involvement of third parties if you aren't agreed to our policies. We always require your agreement and permission to proceed further.

Now Comes the Server Security

As we are holding a name, we work with extra measures to keep your trust. Your banking details or cards details are safe under our highly secured and active server. Our team makes it sure to avoid any leaks and work superbly on this. Your account’s personal details are always secure including username and password as it is not visible. Also, you can manage your account as per your desires. We always protect your account and for the assurance, we even confirm your identity before revealing any of the personal information.

Use of Cookies

They play an important role but according to your permission. Cookies are files of your usage and site addresses. We use Google services to ensure the customer’s identity by using cookies. Google uses such cookies with third parties without your IP address. This helps us know about you and your usage but we don't always make use of your cookies. Cookies are used by our site when you proceed with the cart section. If you don't want your cookies to be used, you can disable it whenever you want through various setting options.

We Respect Our Customers

Our customers are our reflection. You all help us to make it to this level so we never forget you. We respect our customers as they are the reason of our successfully raising business. To help you out and to clear your doubts we have mentioned all the required details about your personal data. You need not worry after going through our privacy policy as we always protect and secure you and your data. Also, as we shared about the usage of your data for some benefit or required purposes but you can ask us to not reveal your data to third parties. You can contact us anytime and can ask anything about our site or your data. We will never proceed without your permissions. We love to serve our customers.