Non Slip PVC Mats in Red Color for Honda Civic 2016 to 2020

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Product at a glance - SKU: 31680

  • Only Fit For Honda Civic 2016 to 2020 in Red.In order to ensure product compatibility, please ensure that the product matches your car model, thank you.

  • High-Quality Materials: made of high-quality latex, good quality, soft, long service life, will not fade, wear, Non-slip. 100% washable and 100% odor free.

  • Used In Automotive Interiors such as car cup holders, door slots, center consoles, instrument panels, storage boxes, etc.It protects the interior of the car, is clean and tidy, and is easy to clean.The interior of the car is not polluted by dust or water.And avoid sharp objects on the inside of the car. Anti-aging.

  • CNC Fine Mold, strong stereo effect, designed for the special car, the size is suitable, no additional cutting is required, and it can be placed directly into a specific groove. With a unique LOGO, it is more stylish and distinctive, enhancing the overall aesthetic effect.

  • Humanized Design, small handle, easy to clean and take, can be washed directly with water, surrounded by three-dimensional grooves, dust and water can be left in the door groove pad, will not pollute the original car panel, the granular surface has The stronger anti-slip effect can also prevent damage to the items, shockproof when driving, and reduce the noise of shaking objects.

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Only Fit For Honda Civic 2016 to 2020 in Red.In order to ensure product compatibility, please ensure that the product matches your car model, thank you.
Have you encountered these problems?
When you store things in the cup holder, door slot, center console, and instrument panel, will you leave something that is difficult to clean, such as dust or water? Is it easy to age and wear in the groove such as the cup holder? This latex door slot cushion can help you solve all your problems.

The material of the product?
Our products are made of high-quality latex.soft, has no odor, is waterproof, wear-resistant, does not fade, and is easy to clean.

The role of the product?
latex door groove pad uses its wear-resistant properties to protect your car's internal grooves from wear and prevent water stains from remaining on the original car panel. The particle design on the surface makes the product more slip-resistant, and it does not move easily when placed inside, which also produces a shock absorbing effect. The surrounding is higher than the middle, and the three-dimensional groove design does not cause dust or water in the door groove to contaminate the original car. It also makes the interior of the car look more tidy and upscale.

Product compatibility?
Products use CNC fine molds, according to the original car design size, the right size, no additional cutting, can be placed directly into the car's designated groove.

How is the product cleaned?
It can be cleaned directly with water. If there is stain in the groove, it can be cleaned with a brush.