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The company has got a wide range of android panels designed for different automobile manufacturers. The company has offered Android panels for Toyota Corolla Model 2009 to 2014, Honda Civic Model 2013 to 2016, Suzuki Ciaz Model 2017 to 2019, Suzuki Wagon-R Model 2015 to 2019, Toyota Corolla Model 2017 to 2019, Honda Civic Model 2007 to 2013, Toyota Vitz Model 2012 to 2014, Honda City Model 2009 to 2019, Universal Android Panel and so on.

All of the Android Panels are 100% compatible with the different automobile manufacturer models, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

The Salient features of the Android Panel offered by the company are as follows:

  1. Capacitive Multi-Touch Display
  2. Powered by Android OS
  3. Powered by a multi-core processor
  4. GPS Feature (Optional)
  5. Bluetooth Connectivity
  6. Wifi Connectivity
  7. USB Port Support
  8. SD Card Support
  9. Online Navigation
  10. Rear Camera View
  11. Gravitational Induction
  12. User-friendly touch buttons
  13. Audio / Video input
  14. Digital TV Player

Please note that all these features may vary in some of the models of Android Panels offered by the company. You should first contact the representative of the company before finalizing your decision to purchase an Android panel.

Tesla Android Screen Panels:

The Tesla Android Panels are basically the next generation android panels that offer more features and functionality that the standard Android Panels. These panels are somewhat costly than standard variant, because of the out of the box solutions it provided to users.

The company has got state of the Art Android Tesla Screen Panels for different automobile manufacturers, including the Honda Civic Model 2016 to 2019, Toyota Fortuner Model 2015 to 2019, Toyota Land Cruiser Model 2008 to 2012, Android Tesla Screen for Toyota Prado Model 2008 to 2012 and so on. All these Android Tesla Screen panels are 100% compatible with the different models of automobiles discussed here.

These Tesla Android Panels offer out of the box additional features that lack in the standard variant of High Definition Android Panels. The image and video result of the Android Tesla Screen Panels is simply amazing and mind-blowing. If you have previously used the standard android panels, then you will really enjoy the screen quality of Android Tesla Panels.

Salient Features of Android Tesla Screen Panels:

Following are some salient and distinctive features of the Tesla Android Panels:

  1. State of the art Multi-touch HD Digital Resolution Display
  2. Built-in GPS System
  3. Built-in Digital TV Players
  4. Electric Shock Resistant
  5. Car Reverse Display View with the support of rear camera
  6. Multi-language support
  7. Real-time settings
  8. Real-time display
  9. Main Menu features scrolling interface like iPhone
  10. USB Port Support
  11. Bluetooth connectivity

Please note that the features of the Tesla Screen Panel discussed above might vary for different models of Tesla Screen offered by Shaharyar Traders. Please call at the number 0300.9447730 from your mobile or landline number in order to get more info for a specific variant of the Android Tesla Screen Panel.

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