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It is an undeniable fact that having a car is the dream of every man on the planet and this is the reason such car lovers don’t want to compromise on the overall look, beauty and care of your car. Such car owners and car lovers are willing to spend thousands of rupees on their car just to add a layer of more protection to their car. If you are also a car lover and looking to purchase the top quality car accessories or car care products, then you have come to the right place for the right thing. Shaharyar Traders is your well-known online car accessories shop that deals in all variety of car accessories under one hood. The company also got the top quality Door Mouldings meant for different vehicles.

The online car care company offers door moulding for Toyota Fortuner 2017 – 2020, Toyota Prado 2009 – 2019, Toyota Hilux Revo 2016 – 2020, Toyota Land Cruiser FJ200 2015 – 2019 and universal chrome moulding.

Type of Car Mouldings:

The Car Cladding comes in different types, which are mentioned below:

1.       Body Side Mouldings:

This type of car moulding is crafted from the vinyl or rubber strips that attach horizontally to the side of the vehicle. The main purpose of using the car moulding is to protect your vehicle’s door from being damaged by hitting from another vehicle during opening or parking. In the instance, if someone mistakenly opens the door and the door hits another vehicle, then the car moulding will help to absorb the shock and as a result, the vehicle door would be safe and intact.

These types of mouldings are very easy to install and they usually come with the 3M automotive-grade tape, which automatically grabs the vehicle’s body with ease. This adhesive is designed in a way that if it attaches correctly, then it will never come loose.


2.       Wheel Well Moulding:

This type of moulding also comes with the 3M adhesive tape. This type of moulding will help to trim the area of the vehicle with a thin rubber that helps to protect the exposed area of your vehicle. One of the distinctive features of this moulding is that they can also be applied on dent and scratch and you will never know that the damage was there.


3.       Door Edge Moulding:


The Door Edge Moulding is also known as Door Edge Guard. These types of moulding are usually installed at the edge of your car door and the main purpose of this moulding is to protect your car door from being damaged by accidentally being hit.

The Door Edge Moulding will act as the shock absorber they will effectively share the impact during door hitting and, in this way, they help to protect your car door all the time.