Chemical Guyz

Chemical Guyz

When it comes to car care products, you wouldn’t find a more versatile range of car care products store than the Shaharyar Traders in entire Pakistan. The company has got the complete range of top quality car care products in the hood, including Meguiars, Nu Finish, Formula 1, Sonax, Chemical Guys, Turtle Wax, 7CF, Mothers and so on.

The company also got the complete range of Chemical Guys Car Care Products under one roof, including the Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax, Chemical Guys Cherry Wet Natural Carnauba Cream Wax, Chemical Guys EZ Crème Glaze, Chemical Guys 3X Hardcore Paste Wax, Chemical Guys InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant and Chemical Guys JetSeal Paint Sealant & Paint Protectant with UV Protection & Hydrophobic Properties, amongst others.

Range of Chemical Guys Car Care Products:

Chemical Guys in Pakistan is basically a leading US-based car care brand that deals in the complete range of exterior car care products, interior car care products including car accessories and tools. The company has got decades of experience in the relevant field and knows well how to restore the original look, luster and shine of the automotive paint in an efficient and best manner.

Hand-Picked Chemical Guys Products:

Here, we will discuss the handpicked products of the US Car Care Brand.

Chemical Guys 3X Hardcore Paste Wax:

The Chemical Guys 3X Hardcore Paste in Pakistan is the top-notch paste wax formulated by the company. The paste wax contains the synthetic polymers and 47% of 100% Natural Brazilian Number One Grade Carnauba Wax. The carnauba wax further consists of 90% of unbleached and 10% yellow carnauba that gives the vehicle paintwork a pristine look.

The overall process to apply the 3X Hardcore Paste Wax is very easy. All you need is the soft foam applicator pad and a plush microfiber towel and you’re good to go. In the first step; you have to apply the paste wax on your vehicle and then you have to simply wipe it and buff by using the microfiber cloth.

Furthermore, all the processes can further be made simple by using the dual-action polishing machine. A single coat of the product will give you results exceeding your expectations.  A second coat can also be applied if needed.

 Chemical Guys Jetseal:

The Jetseal is another top quality product offered by the Chemical Guys. The main purpose of this product is to give the best and optimum protection to your vehicle from the harshest of environments with ease. The Jetseal is bonded with acrylic crystalline at a nano-tech scale, which allows it to easily bond to the vehicle’s surface.

The distinctive feature of the Jetseal is that it can easily be applied on a variety of surfaces, including aluminum, paint, plastics, trims, and fiberglass. It means that this one product can easily take all the exterior care requirements of your vehicle with ease.