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Shaharyar Traders is your authentic online car accessories store based in Pakistan that deals in the complete range of top quality car accessories and car care products under one roof. The company has got the complete range of Car Care Products of different companies, including Meguiar’s, Sonax, Formula 1, Turtle Wax, Nu Finish, 7CF, Cosmic, Tonyfin, amongst others.

As far as the Nu Finish Car Care Products is concerned, the company has got the cutting-edge products in its inventory, including the Nu-Finish NF-76 Liquid Car Polish, Nu Vinyl Car Interior Protection, 7.75 oz, and Nu Finish Paste Car Polish Better Than Wax 14 oz.

Reviews of Different Nu Finish Car Care Products:

Nu Finish is an Australian-based leading Car Care Company that deals in the manufacturing of premium car care products for different vehicles.

Here, we will discuss the key features of a few Nu Finish Car Care Products in Pakistan.

Nu-Finish NF-76 Liquid Car Polish:

The Nu Finish is the leading liquid car polish manufactured by the company. The car polish is manufactured with the quality ingredients that offer exceptional durability, protection, and gloss to all types of automotive paint with ease.

The Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish is also rated by the U.S Consumer Testing Magazine as "The Once-A-Year Car Polish.". This means the car polish is designed to offer optimum results, which you normally expect from premium quality car care products.

One of the distinctive features of this product is that it can easily be applied in direct sunlight. Furthermore, it is the only product available in the market that contains absolutely no wax.

For more convenience, the product is available in both Soft Paste and Liquid form.

Nu Vinyl Car Interior Protection:

This product is designed to give luster, shine and protection to the vinyl, leather and rubber parts of the vehicle. This product offered by the Nu Finish lasts longer than any other product available in the market.

One of the distinctive features of the Nu Finish Car Interior Protection is that not only it helps to enhance shine and protection of the vinyl, leather and rubber parts, but it also waterproofs it.

When dry, the product forms a thin film that acts as a barrier against dirt and prevents the accumulation of dirt.

This is the ideal product to use on Tires, Plastic Trim, Leather, Vinyl and you can even use it on leather shoes as well.

Nu Finish Paste Car Polish Better Than Wax:

The Nu Finish Car Polish Better Than Wax is another premium product offered by the Shaharyar Traders. This product is manufactured by the Australian Nu Finish brand. This product also offers the same functionality and features of the Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish, but with the exception that it comes in the soft paste rather than the liquid form.