What’s the first thing comes to your mind thinking about a car? Of course a tire! Car tire is absolutely essential part of the car because it carries the whole body likewise it protects the body from wear and tear from the asphalt road. A high-performance tire will make your ride comfortable and smooth against bumps and jolts as it serves as a cushion and prevents your vehicle. Furthermore, a car’s performance depends on tires because properly inflated tires give control on the steering which helps against dragging of a car at one side of the road. This article will provide you with few tips which would help you in buying a tire:

  • You have to check if your vehicle is compatible with the speed rating mentioned on a tire, which defines as the safest top speed at which you can drive at tires mentioned load capacity.
  • You have to check the ratio of tires width and length corresponds to your vehicle height like shorter tires will provide better handling and can be quieter than higher. Thus, provide you a safer ride so think before you buy.
  • You have to choose tires wisely according to your vehicle type as every car or truck etc. has their own particular type of tires according to their braking system.

As you know tires are indispensable for the high performance of your car. There is a huge concern of every car enthusiast to buy tyre and wheel online in Pakistan and in search of quality they go for top trends. This article will provide you with the list of top trending & quality tyres:

Yokohama BluEarth-Es ES32: Yokohama BluEarth-Es ES32 high-quality tire is durable, reliable, flexible and environment-friendly. It has a better grip and great fuel efficiency which makes it one of the best car tires. It is made up of rubber blends based on natural oil which makes the rubber more flexible. It is available in size 215/55 R16 with rim size 16 inches and a width of 215 mm. the maximum speed of the Yokohama BluEarth is 240 Km/h.

Mirage MR-172: Mirage Mr-172 is highly durable suitable for all kinds of lands. Its long tread life, improved traction, cornering and braking system makes it more reliable. The tire size is 235/70 R16 with a rim size of 16 inches and a width of 235 mm.

Dunlop Veuro VE302: Dunlop Veuro VE302 is one of the best tires providing comfort ride on Honda Civic in Pakistan. It provides you with optimal control and stability in wet. It has a special acoustic measuring feature which helps in reducing noise. The tire size is 215/55R16 with rim 16 inches and maximum speed 270 Km/h.

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5: Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 offers perfect high-speed stability with improved performance and comfort. This tire is best for all Toyota and Honda cars In Pakistan. The tire size is 215/55 R16 with rim 16 inches and maximum speed 210 Km/h.

Michelin Primacy 3: Michelin Primacy 3 gives you a comfortable ride with its outstanding features like low noise, steering control, safe handling on wet roads. This tire provides less CO2 gas emission with high fuel efficiency. The tire is 215/55 R16 with rim size 16 inches and 215 mm of width. The maximum speed of this tire is 240 Km/h.

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