One of the best accessories you can get for your car is Alloy rim. From improving the car looks to enhancing fuel economy, Alloy rims transform a car in so many ways. They do not rust, improve braking performance and don’t bend. Alloy wheels are sturdier and they reduce the steering effort and what do you get? Better handling! So if you are looking for Alloy rims for sale in Pakistan, you can try searching online. You can get so many options and types. 

But the point is, how to pick a right alloy rim for your car? Here is a small guide to help you buy the right Alloy rim in Lahore or in any city you live in or you can easily rush to any tyre or alloy rims shop like Shaharyar traders.

What To Look For?

The decision to buy alloy rims online depends on many factors. There are so many places that have Alloy rims for sale in Pakistan. Before you pick a right Rim, check out some of the factors you should consider.


The first thing to consider before choosing Alloy rims in Pakistan is Aesthetics and your taste. A lot of people pick alloy rims to improve the look of their vehicles. They pick a colour that suits their taste. Then comes the type of finish, gloss or matte. Then the design style comes which allows them to pick a suitable style of Alloy rims. Polished finishes are hard to keep as they need more attention and you need to care for any scratches. 

A Right Size:

If you ask an expert, he would say the first thing to consider before picking a right Alloy rim is size. The width and diameter of your wheel are the two most important factors which will limit your choices for alloy rims. You may see many trending options but not all of them would be suitable for your car. Make sure the fitting inside the wheel arches is perfect and there is no protrusion and rubbing. The accuracy of the speedometer is important too. Sizes range from 15” to 17” in diameter which is very common. Ask your mechanic or an expert to make sure you are picking the right size alloy rim.

A Perfect Fit:

When talking about the wheel fitting, there are two factors that are important. Offset and Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD). PCD is a measurement of the stud pattern. You can measure it by calculating the diameter and drawing a circle through the centre of all bolt holes. The offset is measured by creating a centreline to the mounting face or shown as ET. Older cars have negative offset and modern cars have a positive offset. This is to accommodate the fact that the aftermarket wheel is wider than the standard wheels of the vehicle. If the offset reduction is too much, it will affect the car’s stability. So before you buy Alloy rims in Lahore, consider they fit your car’s wheels.

Worth Your Money:

The last thing to consider before you choose an Alloy rim for sale in Pakistan would be “is it really worth your money?” Alloy wheels come in different types and there are many brands so always pick what fits your budget perfectly. 

These were some of the important factors you should consider before you buy Alloy rims in Lahore, Karachi or any city where you live. While looking to shop car accessories online in Pakistan or any car modification must go for the one providing latest and quality products whether it’s about tyres wheels or alloy rims or any kind or car modifications or upgradations.