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It is an undeniable fact that Car Accessories Online in Pakistan basically acts as the beauty boosters or beauty enhancers that completely revamp the whole look of the car. There are hundreds of automobile accessories shops, where you can easily purchase the top-quality car accessories for your car, but there is a one such that you can trust to buy genuine car accessories as Shaharyar Traders. Whether you intend to use the full body kit, vent visor or HID lights, the company has got a wide range of car accessories tailored in different options you can use to completely change the appearance of your dream car.

Nowadays, adding different types of Car Accessories mean that you are making a statement in a way that how much you love and care about your car. It is also a fact that such car accessories also need good maintenance and they are susceptible to wear and tear with the passage of time.

There are hundreds of online car accessories stores that sell with different qualities as A, B, C., D and so on. It is imperative to first check the authenticity and credibility of the Accessories before ordering the product.

There are many fake online car accessories stores that are selling low quality and sub-standard car accessories, which can easily damage the internal components of your car on a permanent basis.

There are hundreds of thousands of Car Owners who have fallen preyed to such fake car accessories shop in Lahore. It is necessary to first check the physical address of the seller by which they are doing business, in the event, you didn’t find anyone, then its better to refrain away from such fake e-Commerce Car stores in Pakistan and just rely on Shaharyar Traders to always get authentic auto accessories.

It is advised that always try to buy genuine automobile accessories from authorized vendors or dealers. One can easily check the authenticity of the website by checking the reviews and ratings given by the verified buyers. Do not fall prey to low-price car accessories, because such cheap auto accessories are mostly of inferior quality or from outdated or obsolete stock.

One must check if the Car Accessories Shop is using the SSL certificate in their web portals like Shaharyartraders.com, as such websites are considered safe for online payments. There are hundreds of examples that millions of Rupees car get destroyed, damaged or burnt by using the substandard cheap car accessories.

You should always research, compare and analyze before making the final choice. It is necessary that you must spend at least an hour before ordering any products from car accessories online shop in Pakistan. In the event, you are in doubt or unsure about the quality of the product, then you should seek advice from the Auto Experts on various auto forums. You can also dial the number 0300.9447730 for the same purpose.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

All over the world, the automotive industry has strengthened its roots and above that, it’s growing rapidly. Likewise, in Pakistan, it’s taking big steps and several companies are competing with each other by showcasing their innovations. Now people are well aware of what they need for their vehicles and they are even passionate about the machinery, engine and tires of the vehicle. Everyone needs quality even if they just want to go for simple car modifications therefore most of people experiment with the car tires. As appropriate tires of the car enhance the chances of having a comfortable ride thus gives pleasing experience.

However, it’s not as simple task as it seems to choose the right tire with suitable alloy rim for the car. People often neglect the importance of balance between tire and alloy rim as its durability, maintenance, and reliability should be recognized. The most important thing after tire tubes are alloy rims, as people prefer them over steel wheels for a lot of reasons but one of the most prominent reasons is they’re good for low unsprung mass and agile performance. Accordingly, people are mostly looking for alloy rims for sale in Pakistan to modify their car tires. So there should be proper awareness about how we can increase the lifeline of alloy rims. Without further fuss, this article provides you with tips that will help you in increasing the life expectancy of alloy wheels.  

Periodic Maintenance: First of all, it is absolutely necessary to wash the alloy rims on a regular basis because dust particles and grime accumulate inside the notches and hinder the swift performance. So it is essential to clean the alloy rims thoroughly by using brushes and rinse it with water.

Quality Cleaners: Secondly, always remember that you have to use quality cleaners and polishers for alloy rims. As some rims are glossy in appearance so cheap cleaners will deteriorate the original appearance hence decrease the quality and car’s resale value.

Appropriate fitting: Thirdly, you have to go to auto shops regularly to get your car’s alloy rims checked if they are properly fitted or not because in this matter the negligence will lead to accidents as bumpy ride always results in a collision.

Width of tires: Fourthly, always use wider wall tires with alloy rims as it will decrease the risk of curb damage for alloy rims and increase their life marginally.

Tight the nuts: After first time installation of alloy rims, you have to ride for 50km to 70 km and then again check the tightness of nuts because loose nuts will result in lifetime bending of the wheels without being able to return to its original form and it can ultimately give a way to damage the tires.

Safe driving: Lastly, drive safely and avoid potholes as it will result in wear and tear of alloy rims and decrease the vehicle’s overall performance.

For further assistance, you can find different car care shops in every corner of the country. But if you want to have the best guidelines, affordable range of best car accessories, and want to buy alloy rims in Lahore then you should go for Shaharyar Traders. They will assist you with everything you need to know and you can buy anything you need for your plush car online from their website and on their shop display at attractive prices.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

People in Pakistan are passionate about automotive that’s why the car market is flourishing at a fast pace from the past few years. Car enthusiasts have developed this competitiveness and need of personalization among them but they are not yet ready to compromise over their vehicle performance. People want to make their vehicles attractive by placing different accessories and equally need agile performance. Every car lover around the corner wants to modify his car whether it is new or some years older. So without further delay, let’s have a look at some considerations which can make your car look like a show stopper!

Since car modification in Pakistan has placed aesthetic appeal above the aspects of performance and quality, some car owners need to be educated on the modification of car tires. There’s this rule prevailing countrywide, owners want their cars to be modest with big alloy rims and low profile tires. But there are some general rules like larger wheels are heavier and they will hinder the performance of car, we need to maintain the rolling circumference of a wheel, for which, people use larger alloy rims with thin-walled tires to maintain the overall diameter. We need to spread this awareness at a large scale that one shouldn’t compromise over quality in any case as unsuitable changing of size of rims will distort the readings of odometer and speedometer, that’s why Shaharyar traders is giving you best options to buy alloy rims in Lahore of all sizes compatible to your car.  

Furthermore, when this matter comes to different preferences, people have different options in choosing the material of wheels, some like to drive cars with steel wheels, some prefer carbon fiber wheels while some choose alloy rims. Here we’ll tell you why you should choose alloy rims:

Lightweight: Alloy rims are usually lighter than its steel counterpart as aluminum and nickel are lighter than steel. Formerly, alloy rims were made of magnesium which is much lighter and stronger than aluminum/nickel alloys but aluminum rims are trending in the market due to its reliability and low cost. In general, the weight of the alloy rim depends on the amount of nickel added.

Aesthetics: Besides quality, the look of a car matters a lot for any car enthusiast. So for the tempting look, alloy rims come with many options like glossy, matte and finish rims with different designs. You just have to take care of these rims more and make an extra effort to protect them from scratches.

Customization: It is suggested that one should place alloy rim according to their car and performance capability. As we have to maintain the overall diameter of the wheel with tire and rim included for agile performance. So for better acceleration, these rims can be customized in distinctive sizes and designs.

Less unsprung mass: The sum up the weight of wheels, tires, brakes, and disks are called unsprung weight because it is not cushioned by the suspension of the vehicle. This unsprung mass is more effective than its above counterpart sprung mass in car handling as small changes in weight can create a larger impact. Lightweight alloy rim maintains the car’s center of gravity, therefore, helps in better acceleration and agility.

Heat dispersion: Steel wheels absorb most of the heat but on the other hand alloy rims help in better heat dissipation from brake components without hindering the performance.

Worth your money: Alloy rims are slightly more expensive than steel wheels but considering its pros, it is worth your money. Hence, people are looking for alloy rims for sale in Pakistan at every corner car care shop. Therefore, Shops for Car Accessories Online in Pakistan like Shaharyar traders has made it possible by giving you a wide range of high-performance alloy rims online at affordable prices.


Posted By Hassan Baloch

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