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People in Pakistan are passionate about automotive that’s why the car market is flourishing at a fast pace from the past few years. Car enthusiasts have developed this competitiveness and need of personalization among them but they are not yet ready to compromise over their vehicle performance. People want to make their vehicles attractive by placing different accessories and equally need agile performance. Every car lover around the corner wants to modify his car whether it is new or some years older. So without further delay, let’s have a look at some considerations which can make your car look like a show stopper!

Since car modification in Pakistan has placed aesthetic appeal above the aspects of performance and quality, some car owners need to be educated on the modification of car tires. There’s this rule prevailing countrywide, owners want their cars to be modest with big alloy rims and low profile tires. But there are some general rules like larger wheels are heavier and they will hinder the performance of car, we need to maintain the rolling circumference of a wheel, for which, people use larger alloy rims with thin-walled tires to maintain the overall diameter. We need to spread this awareness at a large scale that one shouldn’t compromise over quality in any case as unsuitable changing of size of rims will distort the readings of odometer and speedometer, that’s why Shaharyar traders is giving you best options to buy alloy rims in Lahore of all sizes compatible to your car.  

Furthermore, when this matter comes to different preferences, people have different options in choosing the material of wheels, some like to drive cars with steel wheels, some prefer carbon fiber wheels while some choose alloy rims. Here we’ll tell you why you should choose alloy rims:

Lightweight: Alloy rims are usually lighter than its steel counterpart as aluminum and nickel are lighter than steel. Formerly, alloy rims were made of magnesium which is much lighter and stronger than aluminum/nickel alloys but aluminum rims are trending in the market due to its reliability and low cost. In general, the weight of the alloy rim depends on the amount of nickel added.

Aesthetics: Besides quality, the look of a car matters a lot for any car enthusiast. So for the tempting look, alloy rims come with many options like glossy, matte and finish rims with different designs. You just have to take care of these rims more and make an extra effort to protect them from scratches.

Customization: It is suggested that one should place alloy rim according to their car and performance capability. As we have to maintain the overall diameter of the wheel with tire and rim included for agile performance. So for better acceleration, these rims can be customized in distinctive sizes and designs.

Less unsprung mass: The sum up the weight of wheels, tires, brakes, and disks are called unsprung weight because it is not cushioned by the suspension of the vehicle. This unsprung mass is more effective than its above counterpart sprung mass in car handling as small changes in weight can create a larger impact. Lightweight alloy rim maintains the car’s center of gravity, therefore, helps in better acceleration and agility.

Heat dispersion: Steel wheels absorb most of the heat but on the other hand alloy rims help in better heat dissipation from brake components without hindering the performance.

Worth your money: Alloy rims are slightly more expensive than steel wheels but considering its pros, it is worth your money. Hence, people are looking for alloy rims for sale in Pakistan at every corner car care shop. Therefore, Shops for Car Accessories Online in Pakistan like Shaharyar traders has made it possible by giving you a wide range of high-performance alloy rims online at affordable prices.


Posted By Hassan Baloch

What’s the first thing comes to your mind thinking about a car? Of course a tire! Car tire is absolutely essential part of the car because it carries the whole body likewise it protects the body from wear and tear from the asphalt road. A high-performance tire will make your ride comfortable and smooth against bumps and jolts as it serves as a cushion and prevents your vehicle. Furthermore, a car’s performance depends on tires because properly inflated tires give control on the steering which helps against dragging of a car at one side of the road. This article will provide you with few tips which would help you in buying a tire:

  • You have to check if your vehicle is compatible with the speed rating mentioned on a tire, which defines as the safest top speed at which you can drive at tires mentioned load capacity.
  • You have to check the ratio of tires width and length corresponds to your vehicle height like shorter tires will provide better handling and can be quieter than higher. Thus, provide you a safer ride so think before you buy.
  • You have to choose tires wisely according to your vehicle type as every car or truck etc. has their own particular type of tires according to their braking system.

As you know tires are indispensable for the high performance of your car. There is a huge concern of every car enthusiast to buy tyre and wheel online in Pakistan and in search of quality they go for top trends. This article will provide you with the list of top trending & quality tyres:

Yokohama BluEarth-Es ES32: Yokohama BluEarth-Es ES32 high-quality tire is durable, reliable, flexible and environment-friendly. It has a better grip and great fuel efficiency which makes it one of the best car tires. It is made up of rubber blends based on natural oil which makes the rubber more flexible. It is available in size 215/55 R16 with rim size 16 inches and a width of 215 mm. the maximum speed of the Yokohama BluEarth is 240 Km/h.

Mirage MR-172: Mirage Mr-172 is highly durable suitable for all kinds of lands. Its long tread life, improved traction, cornering and braking system makes it more reliable. The tire size is 235/70 R16 with a rim size of 16 inches and a width of 235 mm.

Dunlop Veuro VE302: Dunlop Veuro VE302 is one of the best tires providing comfort ride on Honda Civic in Pakistan. It provides you with optimal control and stability in wet. It has a special acoustic measuring feature which helps in reducing noise. The tire size is 215/55R16 with rim 16 inches and maximum speed 270 Km/h.

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5: Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 offers perfect high-speed stability with improved performance and comfort. This tire is best for all Toyota and Honda cars In Pakistan. The tire size is 215/55 R16 with rim 16 inches and maximum speed 210 Km/h.

Michelin Primacy 3: Michelin Primacy 3 gives you a comfortable ride with its outstanding features like low noise, steering control, safe handling on wet roads. This tire provides less CO2 gas emission with high fuel efficiency. The tire is 215/55 R16 with rim size 16 inches and 215 mm of width. The maximum speed of this tire is 240 Km/h.

All these high quality and reliable car tires are available all over Pakistan. However, Shaharyar traders is providing you a wide range of these top trending tyres & latest Car Modification Accessories Pakistan. We have a long list available for all types of tires whether it is Continental, Yokohama, Michelin, Toyo, and Goodrich or any other tyres online as well as at our shop display in Lahore.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

Pakistan is facing a vulnerable security situation so car theft is occasionally going on everywhere inside the country. After years of savings, we buy an expensive car while living in a country like Pakistan with a high probability rate of theft. You need to know about all anti-theft security systems available countrywide for protection of your plush car. It is absolutely necessary to have a high-quality security system installed in cars like Cultus, Mehran etc. because they are at high risk of getting stolen due to their demand in per say northern/tribal areas. Furthermore, thieves are becoming more organized as they have learned various methods and tools to steal a vehicle and after that, they baffle even the tracking companies.

While most of us are well aware of all types of car security accessories in Pakistan available countrywide such as security systems with remote control, steering locks, steel mates, clutch locks and trackers etc. but there is a dire need of giving awareness about this. Plenty of the car enthusiasts go for insurance and take it as a hundred percent secure and peace of mind without much thinking where they park their car but if it is stolen they run for police report and get caught into the long procedure of insurance companies. However, not only insurance but also a well-armed security system is indispensable for your expensive car. After all, no one wants to lose what they have earned after years of combat.

Shaharyar traders is among one of the best shops in Lahore that is giving out a long list of reliable and high-quality products be it car conversions & modifications, car care products or car security accessories. Every car owner put a huge investment in getting a car according to their need but sane people also spend little money on the safety of it. So, if you are buying a car worth lacs or even millions, spending some thousands on security systems or immobilizing technology is not at all a bad investment. Let’s look at what Shaharyar traders has for its valuable customers:

Foolproof Car Security Accessories:

Generally, we all know about different car security accessories and there are plenty of options in front of us but the one thing that matters is system technology. For this purpose, auto engineers are experimenting consciously in making foolproof, high-quality advance car security accessories. Likewise, Shaharyar traders is providing you the best car alarm system in Lahore along with waterproof car back cameras and central locking motors. These alarm systems are highly reliable, responsive and sensitive even to minor contact. Waterproof back cameras are long-lasting and fulfill all the security conditions that you need. Central locking motors work on immobilizing technology and help your car remain safe against theft. We understand that there is always a risk of purchasing online items but we are dedicated to our valued customers and you would never get disappointed. If you are searching for ‘car security accessories near me’, here is all you need!

Posted By Hassan Baloch

Who wouldn’t want to put an effort for the maintenance of his expensive vehicle? Take a little time of your busy lives and ponder over it with me, these thickly stuffed asphalt urban roads which are in direct contact with your luxurious car’s tires, how well they’re participating in fading away the allure? Besides that unwanted dust, uninvited dirt, bird poop and harsh ultraviolet radiations are giving trauma to you by carelessly staining your car. Each one of you, who owns a car, can relate to the after effects of all those things mentioned above. Certainly, if you care about your health & want to ride safely you’ll care about your vehicle too and you have to do that at any cost!

Shaharyar traders care about everything that you need for your plush car. We have extensive range of pocket friendly car care products online which save your time to go for car wash but you can also visit us at our shop. It is imperative to care about cars interior and exterior if you want to keep them in brand new condition. Don’t be scared if your car seems like its doomed because you have to put little effort for car detailing & snap! It’s back with the bang. However, it would cost you a little fortune as well but you’ll definitely not regret it. So stop searching for ‘car care near me’ and let’s face it with us by visiting our website to buy car care accessories for best car care services!

One Stop Car Care Shop

Shaharyar traders are providing you voluminous collection of all the things you need for car care. As we know that bad odor makes the interior of the car unattractive, so to have refreshing feels while entering into your car or riding it you need enchanting perfumes, revitalizing air fresheners and adorable scents. And guess what? We have all kinds of variety available online and in our shop at affordable prices. Every car enthusiast has this habit of protect his vehicle from dust, he prefer to do dusting himself instead of moving his car to auto shop now and then. We care about you that’s why we are giving you wide range of double sided microfiber cloth so you can choose whatever you want from our car care accessories online Pakistan section.

Most of the people never satisfy with the car care services instead they tend to do washing and dusting themselves. We are always here to help you with this by providing you with collection of high quality wash wax & synthetic wax. Besides this you always want your car interior to look better so you need our mats collection. We have export quality carpet mats, grass floor mats, rubber lytex mats, and PVC floor. We have protectants, rust penetrants, polish and wax color, and mag and aluminum polish to restore the actual look of your car if it gets rusted. You can also clean your car with our international standard cleaners; it will also help you in trim cleaning the hidden sides of doors. We know you love to see the ravishing look of your vehicle, for that we have car gloss shampoos which would give your car its charm back and make it look like brand new.

Furthermore, asphalt roads are giving tough time to your expensive car tires, you need our car tyre care products like asphalt cleaner, tire shiner, tire form, tire gel, tire weld, tire sealant and also wheel and rim cleaner. Don’t panic if your car gets a scratch because we have reliable scratch remover. You also need reliable sprays & coating for protection of seat covers so for that we have rubber spray, form cleaner and highly hydrophobic and UV resistance leather coating for extreme stains and prevention from dye transfer. Likewise, your car’s dashboard makes the front look of your car so it needs special dashboard spray and plastic restorer. Fortunately, we have it in our online collection!

There’s always a risk in buying things online but you’ll never regret buying it with best car accessories Online in Pakistan. So come & get high quality products at cheap and attractive prices.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

The automotive industry is growing at fast pace, likewise the car zealots are motivating themselves with their own made up trends according to their taste. Car modification in Lahore and overall in Pakistan was grown after first fast & furious movie, it inspired the entire generation to ride in a stylish car. People started admiring modified cars whether they look too fancy to others. But that shouldn’t be the problem here because if you own a car you can do whatever you want with it, after all it’s your own choice!

Shaharyar Traders care for whatever you need that’s why we are helping every car zealot in experimenting with his car. We are giving you so many options in car modification accessories’ section online and you can visit our shop as well for this purpose. Every car owner wants his vehicle to be unique and safe, but most of the cars become more stylish but less reliable after modification. Like if you would add a muffler onto Mehran’s bonnet; it would look overwhelming and make your vehicle prone to accidental damages. Likewise, it depends on your choice whether you want to decorate the rim of your Suzuki Bolan with LED lights and make it a nightmare for the people or you want to skip this idea. After all, the right choice makes your car more attractive and safe. Shaharyar Traders do not want your money to get wasted and put you in lifetime regret. We are giving you an opportunity to modify your new or old cars as well! There’s no need to worry as you have so many options here for interior and exterior car modification equipments and accessories:

Interior Modifications:

It’s our utmost desire to add bells and whistles to the cars of our enthusiastic customers. For this, we are helping you out with our extensive range of best and cheap car modification accessories in Pakistan. Our list got the best range of international standard Salancers, attractive and durable shift knob covers and hand brake lever cover pads. As technology is flourishing at high rate and people are exploring themselves with new things available in market, we have stored everything according to your taste. We have wide variety of modern and electromagnetic horns, durable steering wheel spinner knob and steering wheel cover. Every car has exclusively designed seat covers which can be modified according to the owner’s choice of fabric, color and design. But there are some necessary precautions to protect the interior of car with things like auto folding sun shades, and we have all types of such sun shades and also a wide variety of reliable side curtain raisers. Besides car’s exterior, its interior is totally focused on attractive seat covers and extended dash boards. We have solved this problem by providing you a long list of beatified, strong wooden dashboards. Adorable interior cold lights are also available in attractive and cheap prices. Furthermore, we have voluminous collection of high quality HID Lights 55 Watts, air filter & air intake pipes, JDM password hood separator, glass holder, wooden arm rest, gear cover, gear knob.

Exterior Modifications:

Books are judged by their covers, that saying is so rightly said. Likewise, a car can be judged by its outlook that’s why every car admirer thinks of modification as his need. And we are rooting for such admirers and ready to help them through our best car modification in Lahore. We have vast and tempting range of everything you need to modify your car exteriorly and making it more attractive for the people or maybe for your own satisfaction. Wide range of Antennas, corrosion resistant paints, high quality and distinctively designed door guards, door handles, door lights are listed in car modification accessories online section. Elegantly designed side mirrors would give your car an alluring look and fortunately we have all types of side mirrors. As there is a trend of beautifying rims with fancy LED lights so we’re giving out them on your own choice. We have car tyre stickers specially made for Corolla and Honda but we also provide you with customization option. Besides this, tyre nozzle, rubber sill plates for Corolla, front grills for Corolla and Honda are also available in attractive prices. You’ll find all you need right here!

Posted By Hassan Baloch

E-commerce gives us all car lovers a great opportunity to buy anything for embellishment of interior and exterior of our cars with just one click. It has opened our ways to select high performance car accessories and other car care products online and buy them as well. From alloy rims to car accessories, everything is just behind one click. It’s highly trending countrywide and people prefer to buy online instead of visiting any car accessories shop in Pakistan.

Shaharyar traders are providing its customers with the best auto parts shop in Lahore. We are giving out everything ranging from modification, security, and mobile, wheel to other external & internal accessories. Besides being high performance, these car accessories will bring huge change in your car’s exterior or interior. As online shopping is trending and you can always get anything online with just one click, Shaharyar traders are also providing you with the opportunity to get car accessories online in Pakistan. You have so many options related to car accessories, which you can order online:

Mobile Accessories:

Mobile phones have become necessary part of our lives. Likewise, they can become a part of our cars too and for safe driving we would love to put our mobile phones on reliable holders. To avoid any trouble your mobile phone should be charged all the time and for that, you need a high performance charger even in your car. We care that’s why we are providing you with the best. You can have mobile chargers, holders, sockets, and charging cables from our online variety.

Security Accessories:

Besides locking the doors, you need a guaranteed security system for your car because there’s always a risk of your expensive car to be theft. Most of the cars have solved this problem by developing their internal security system but you don’t need to be worried if your car has no internal security system because we are providing you online with car alarm, GPS trackers, and back cameras in our security accessories collection. Our online collection has also one of the best car crash sensors which would help you in safe driving and protect you from hazards.

Car Care Accessories:

Your car’s attractive interior needs attractive fragrance as it would be helpful in delighting your mood and make up for the bad odor. Your car needs to be cared with an exclusive interior. Our car care accessories online listing provides you refreshing air fresheners and enchanting perfumes. They’re always behind your one click!

Wheel Accessories:

Besides the collection of tires and wheels from the top manufacturers of the world, we have listed online high quality and reliable wheel accessories. There’s no need to visit any shop personally if you can have it in your home by ordering Tyres and wheels online in Pakistan at most attractive prices.

Interior & Exterior Accessories:

Unique car interiors and tempting exteriors makes up for everything you want for your expensive car. However, seat covers beautifies the car interior and you definitely need the unique one. You can have variety, that includes weather and wear and tear resistant, high quality fabric car seat covers, in our online listing. Choose online and have all kinds of internal and external car accessories online.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

We spend a lot of time in our cars so just like we take care of our homes, we should take care of our cars too. Cars go through dirty roads, severe weather, wear and tear and scratches. If a car is maintained, properly waxed and polished and cleaned, it will always look a lot younger and new. You will find new buyers easily if you ever decide to sell your car. If you don’t take care of your car, the paint will fade, wheels will look older and your car will smell bad. 

Keeping your car polished, waxed and cleaned is the best way to increase its life span. So check out some of the must-buy car care products online in Pakistan you need to get this year to keep your car shining and smelling good.

Car Perfumes and Air Fresheners

Imagine sitting in a foul-smelling box! Bad, right? So invest in a good and quality perfume or air freshener for your car that lasts long and smell good. The first thing to do when you pick a car freshener is asking yourself what kind of smell you like. Your car should smell like your taste and should show your personality. If you like sweet smells, then go for vanilla or cinnamon. If you like fruity and intense smells, there are so many car perfumes available online in Pakistan and you can choose one easily.

Windshield and Glass Wash

While driving the car, dirt, scratches, and weather can take a toll on your windshield’s visibility and clarity. With time, spots may build up, scratches may appear and that makes it hard to see clearly when you drive. To avoid this, you should get quality glass wash products to clean the windshield that do not damage the glass and clean it properly. You can get car wash accessories like towels, cleaners, and solutions online in cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. 

Car Polish and Wax

A shining car is what everyone loves! So to make sure your car shines even after years of driving, you should invest in quality car polish and wax. Both are slightly different but provides almost the same solution. Taking care of scratches and paint. So a good car polish or wax will help in maintaining the paint of the car in case any scratches happen and it will protect the paint from sunlight damage. Your car’s paint will not fade away if you polish your car regularly. 

Car Floor Mats

As much as the car’s exterior and interior are important, the car’s floor is equally important. You should keep it clean and well maintained too. It is recommended to use a quality floor mat for your car so that the floor can be saved from damage, dirt, moisture and any scratches. You can pick from a variety of floor mats available and you can buy these online from any car accessories shop in Pakistan without any hassle.

Tyre Shine and Gels

Tyres and wheels require regular care otherwise they deteriorate and their life is shortened. Due to constant use, they need extra care. There are many kinds of tyre shine solutions and gels in the market that can make your car’s tyres look clean, shiny and new. 

So these are the top 5 car accessories you should get this year from any online accessories shop in Pakistan. Simply search for what you are looking for and you will find plenty of options.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

Having a good car means a well-running engine, perfectly working brakes, smooth wheels, and an awesome car sound system. But buying a car audio system is not easy because there are so many options available in the market now. A lot of speaker types, new accessories and a lot more stuff that makes choosing it a hard task. Now, car audio systems are much more than Radio or CD player. Now there are GPS trackers, live streaming music and built-in video screens in them. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to, the internet has made it easier to check out all the options if you want to buy anything. You can get a car audio system in Lahore just by searching it online if you live in Lahore or even in any other city!

You can find different car audio systems in Pakistan depending on the shape, size, quality, brand, and specifications. So much variety is overwhelming so here is a small buying guide for you if you are finding a nice car sound and woofer system online. Check out the points and decide!

Price Of The Sound System

The price of the sound system and your budget are the most important and defining factors. There are so many price ranges that you will be surprised to see the sea of options. So the best thing you can do is to set your budget and list down the specifications you want in your woofer system. For example, if you are searching for a car audio system in Lahore, you would need to check different online stores and then decide which ones come in your price range.

Power Output

Before you buy a car audio system or woofer, make sure your car is capable of providing enough power to the system. Every audio system has a head unit package and all details are mentioned on that from where you can check if that system suits your car or not.

Size Of The System

Every car comes with a specific space for audio systems. You should be sure that the car audio system that you want will fit in the space in your car. If you like some audio system but it will not fit in the car, then you simply cannot have it. So measure the size and make sure you know the maximum requirement of the audio system.

GPS Tracking

For security reasons, you can get a car audio system that has GPS navigation. In big cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, you will feel safer and more secure.

Video Streaming And Smart Device Integration

Nowadays video streaming on the screen of audio systems is becoming popular. People want to watch the videos, not just listen to the audio output by connecting their phones to their cars. This makes calling easier by just connecting your phone to your audio system and you can even play songs, videos and do multiple actions. So if you want to integrate Video and smart device options, there are many audio systems available online in Lahore and other cities from where you can get that kind of audio system or any other car accessories in Pakistan for your car. 

Posted By Hassan Baloch

Great tyres make a great vehicle!

There are many important parts that make any vehicle work but wheels and tyres are at the top.  They link the whole structure to the road and balance it. You cannot expect any vehicle in this world to work properly without having quality tyres. That’s where the importance of wheels and tyres arise! If you are living in Pakistan, you can get tyres and vehicles online in Pakistan. All you need to do is make sure you consider some really significant factors before you pick any tyre type and quality.

Check out the important factors to consider before choosing a perfect wheel and tyre for your car.

Size That Fits Your Car

So the first thing you should do before you get your tyres or wheels is to get the exact size that fits your vehicle. If you are replacing your old wheels, and want new ones, you may be doing it for quality or aesthetics or damage. Whatever the reason is, do your research and be sure you find the best store in your city that sells the size that you need. Like if you are living in a big city like Lahore, try searching Best tyre shop in Lahore and you will find options to choose.

Weather/Climate Of Your City

The first thing to keep in mind before you pick tyres and wheels online in Pakistan is the weather in your area. Tyres are manufactured for different weather conditions. If you are living in a hot city, you should be sure that your tyres are capable of handling hot temperatures in summers. Likewise, if you are living in a cold city, where winters are severe, then you would need the wheels that can handle the negative temperatures easily. This is important for the stability and safety of your vehicle.

The Life Expectancy Of Tyres

Every tyre or wheel has a life expectancy. It is measured in miles and depends on the kind of material that how long a tyre will function properly. Before choosing a tyre, make sure you have a budget to get a tyre with better performance. You can ask experts from the best tyre shops in Lahore if you are in Lahore or nearby and get their opinions before choosing a tyre.

Noise And Quality

Last but not least, another thing to consider before you pick a perfect tyre and wheel for your car, check the noise and quality. Some tyres produce high noise and some produce less so it entirely depends on how you like your vehicle to run. The next thing is the quality and type of material used for making wheels and tyres. Many shops offer Tyres and wheels online in Pakistan and they offer free quality checks too. You can pick from retro, elegant, modern or sporty tyres collection for your car and choose them easily while sitting at the comfort of your home.

So these were some of the important factors to consider before picking perfect wheels or tyres for your car. Tyre shopping doesn’t have to be a hard task with the right guidance. . You can also buy latest car accessories online in Pakistan, just search at google and you will get countless options. 

Posted By Hassan Baloch

Best Trendy Car Seat Covers To Give Your Car Interior A New Look

Seat covers are an essential part of how you drive your car. They can make you comfortable behind the wheels or annoy you so don’t underestimate the importance of having quality seat covers. A perfect seat cover is comfortable, trendy and durable. They protect your vehicle’s genuine covers and save them from any wear and tear, weather damage and debris. There are so many types of car seat covers available in Pakistan and you can get the ones that suit you best. If you are looking for some trendy car seat covers ideas in Lahore and you cannot decide what to get, have a look at this small guide on how to transform your car!

What To Look For In A Trendy Car Seat Cover?

The first thing to look for in any kind of seat cover you are buying is the protection. Are these covers durable and can withstand the weather conditions or not? Can you clean the covers easily? Then look for the sizes available. Every car has a specific size of the seats and not every kind of seat cover fits them. So keep the size options and then pick which one to buy.

Now let’s discuss the popular and trendy Car seat covers that will improve your car’s interior. There are few types of materials and they are available in many online stores across Pakistan. You can get these car seat covers in Lahore, Karachi or any city where you live.

Leather Made Seat Covers

If you ask car experts about the best kind of car covers, they would say “leather” is it. They are fitted in the world’s most expensive cars for their quality and long life. The best part about leather covers is that they are waterproof, durable, attractive, trendy and look amazing. Any car with a leather seat covers would shine different and give a luxurious feeling. Leather is the most comfortable material when it comes to seat covers. Now there are so many varieties of leather available in stores that sell car seat accessories in Pakistan so picking a style is easier now. 

Canvas Made Seat Covers

If you are looking for another type of seat covers in Lahore, you can get a canvas made covers. They come in a variety of fabric and materials. They are blended together to improve the durability and quality of the seat covers. They are less expensive than leather covers so affording these covers is easy for most of the drivers. They are also weather-resistant and waterproof. You can clean them easily as they are flexible and soft. With so many styles available, canvas made covers are trendy and cheaper.

Camo Made Seat Covers

These covers are called camo because they are made up of camouflage patterns. They come in different styles like krypton, real tree and mossy. This material is trendy, waterproof and durable. These covers are less expensive than leather. You can clean and install these covers easily. 

So these were different kinds of seat covers you can get in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan & best car accessories online in Pakistan to improve the look and performance of your car.


Posted By Shaharyar Traders

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