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Shaharyar Trader is a leading online car accessories store in Pakistan that deals in a wide range of top-quality car accessories under one roof.Read More
Posted By Hassan Baloch

Shaharyar Traders is an authentic company based in Pakistan that deals in nearly the complete range of car accessories, car care products, tyres, seat covers, car security alarm, car care accessories under one roof.Read More
Posted By Hassan Baloch

The world of internet has totally changed the shopping experience and behavior of buyers. In older times, when a buyer wants to buy some car accessory from the market, then he spent hours in the market inquiring about the product which he wants to buy. Moreover, there isn’t a guarantee that buyer will definitely get its desired car accessory from the market despite spending hours in the market.

The internet has totally broken this stereotype and traditional type of street shopping. Nowadays, a majority of buyers prefers to buy car accessories online in Pakistan from different online shop and car accessories vendors. The Internet has brough much convenience to online shopping, as buyers can easily find their desired car accessory on the internet and he can easily compare the price of the car accessory before making the purchase.

Now, buyers can easily purchase tons of car accessories online in Pakistan without even walking a single step. Buyers can easily change the overall look of their car with the help of installing new car accessories. Everyone can easily order virtually any type of car accessory from the market just by using the laptop, pc, smartphone and a working internet. Now, any buyer can easily place order by sitting in their lounge or during journeys.

There are many authentic online car accessories stores that are operating in Pakistan and Shaharyar Traders is one of such credible car accessories store. The company has got a huge range of online car accessories in Pakistan, including the Alloy Rims, Tyres, Wheels, Seat Covers, Perfumes, Air Fresheners, Car Polishes, Car Waxes, foot mat, Car HD Android Panels Tesla Android Panels, Car Security System, Car Care products and car modifications accessories under one roof.

The company has offices in both Lahore and Karachi and also provides the delivery service along with all its listed products. The company also provides technical support for those customers, who didn’t have more technical knowledge in installing and managing car accessories.

If you really take care of your car and want to make a statement with your car, then you can easily do so just by purchasing different types of car accessories from Shaharyar Traders. Whether you want to purchase the HID Lights, LED Lights, Car Antenna, Horns, Racing Nuts, Car Seat Covers, Steering wheel spinner knob, steering covers, door handles, door guard, car security systems and car modifications accessories, you can easily find the huge range of such top of the line car accessories by visiting the company’s online web portal.

All you have to do is to just dial the number 0300.9447730 from your mobile or landline number. After that, our company’s representative will help you to determine the best car accessories that you wanted to install in your car. Furthermore, our company’s representative will also give you more options for a specific product. It means that it you have budget restraints, then you can easily purchase the car accessories for your car without being compromised on the quality of accessories.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

Shaharyar Traders is your one-stop shop that deals in the cutting-edge High Definition Android Panels. The company has got nearly all the range of HD Android Panels and Tesla Android Panels under one roof. If you are looking to purchase the HD Android Panels for your purpose, then you should only rely on Shaharyar Traders with your complete confidence and we promise that you wouldn’t regret your decision a bit afterward. The company has also got the top of the line Car Seat Covers made from the durable Japanese Rexine. 

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Posted By Hassan Baloch

It is a fact that a majority of people do not feel comfortable with the stock car seat covers and cushioning provided by the car manufacturers. Such people always try to buy after factory car seat covers to add more comfort to their lives. There are many advantages of car seat covers as they not only help to revamp the overall look of your car interior, but they also help to protect the seats from dust and dirt.

One of the prime purpose of car seat covers is to protect the seats from spoilage. The owners of expensive car owners can easily protect their expensive seats from sweat stains, food marks, animal marks, and so on. There are many online companies that deal in the car seat covers in Lahore and one of the most credible online car accessories companies is Shaharyar Traders that has got years of experience in the relevant field.

The company has got a complete setup to manufacture the custom-made seat covers in Lahore for different car manufacturers. The company has got the complete range of top quality car seat covers for Toyota Prado, Daihatsu Move, Mira ES, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla XLI, Toyota Aqua, Toyota Vigo Double Cabin Pickup, Toyota Land Cruiser, Suzuki Wagon-R, Suzuki Cultus, Mercedes Benz, Toyota Rush, Honda BRV, Honda Civic, Honda City, Suzuki Alto, Honda One and so on.

The company uses top of the line and durable Japanese Rexine to manufacture the car seat covers. The company has got the brochure for the selected designs and colors of car seat covers, which any customer can easily choose as per their requirement. Moreover, Customer can also have the option to custom made the car seat covers for their car. The car seat covers are washable; means customers can easily wash the car seat covers with mild soap and detergent to remove the dust and dirt from seat covers.

If you have kids, who love different colors, then you can easily the company to manufacture car seat covers in different colors and designs to appeal to kids. Car seat covers available in the wide range of designs and colors from cool and comfy to warm woolly. Now you do not have to experience the burn on the hot vinyl seats.

Just keep one thing in mind; car seat covers are like uniform and it reflects your personality. It means that you should not take it lightly a bit. There are some important factors, which must be taken into context when choosing the car seat covers for your car. Good quality car seat covers should be machine washable; water repellent and they must complement the overall look of your car.

Shaharyar Traders has got the skilled expertise that has got years of experience in installing and replacing seat covers in nearly all the car models available in Pakistan. All you have to do is to just visit the facility of Shaharyar Traders and leave the rest on the skilled expertise of the company.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

Technicalities to know Before Going to Modify Your Car in Pakistan


The day you bought your first car actually starts a new era of your life. Your first car actually gives you a liberty to create an image for yourself on the street. There are many online car modifications stores that are providing genuine products and one such store is Shaharyar Traders.

Shaharyar Traders offers huge variety of Car Modifications Pakistan, such as HID Lights, Wooden Dashboard, Mobile Holders, Travelling Charger, Fog Lamp, Car Antenna, Car Silencer and so on.

Car Modification helps to boost and improve the performance of cars. Such car modification accessories Pakistan helps to prolong the life of your car. There are tens of hundreds of shops that offer car modification services, including the Shaharyar Trader, but you should understand that the overall process of choosing the car modifications for your car is much complex, technical and required adequate knowledge that how it can or how it cannot be beneficial to modify your car.

There are some General modifications hacks that can improve and boost the overall performance of your car significantly. Some of them are mentioned below:

1)      Ignition System:


It is a fact that the ignition system of the car is amongst the most neglected areas, when it comes to car modification in Lahore. A majority of car owners doesn’t pay much attention to the ignition system, but it is an imperative part of modification and needs much more detail attention. You should make sure that your car spark is working flawlessly and strong enough to ignite the fuel. Second, you should note that rate at which the flame travels.


The car ignition system basically consists of three main factors, including the overall quality of the fuel, quality of ignition leads, the quality of ignition coils, the design of the combustion chamber and turbulence of the fuel inside the combustion chamber. There are other several which affect the overall performance of car ignition and must be taken care of, but there are the important ones which we mentioned here.


2)      Suspension Tuning:


If you really love your dream car, then you should know this fact that the suspension system of the car also acts as the important car modification and it has a direct impact on the driving of the car. The suspension tuning ensures the safety of the car by transmitting all forces required to drag the vehicle on the road. The suspension tuning can change the overall performance of your car drastically.


3)      Cylinder Head Porting:


The cylinder head porting, as you might not be familiar with the term, is basically a process of modifying the intake ports of internal combustion engine and the exhaust of the car. This modification significantly improves the quality and quantity of the fuel combustion in your car. The majority of the cylinder heads supplied with the cars are basically of low quality. By porting the cylinder head helps to modify and scrutinize them according to your needs, you can easily attain the highest efficiency of fuel combustion.



Posted By Hassan Baloch

It is an undeniable fact that Car Accessories Online in Pakistan basically acts as the beauty boosters or beauty enhancers that completely revamp the whole look of the car. There are hundreds of automobile accessories shops, where you can easily purchase the top-quality car accessories for your car, but there is a one such that you can trust to buy genuine car accessories as Shaharyar Traders. Whether you intend to use the full body kit, vent visor or HID lights, the company has got a wide range of car accessories tailored in different options you can use to completely change the appearance of your dream car.

Nowadays, adding different types of Car Accessories mean that you are making a statement in a way that how much you love and care about your car. It is also a fact that such car accessories also need good maintenance and they are susceptible to wear and tear with the passage of time.

There are hundreds of online car accessories stores that sell with different qualities as A, B, C., D and so on. It is imperative to first check the authenticity and credibility of the Accessories before ordering the product.

There are many fake online car accessories stores that are selling low quality and sub-standard car accessories, which can easily damage the internal components of your car on a permanent basis.

There are hundreds of thousands of Car Owners who have fallen preyed to such fake car accessories shop in Lahore. It is necessary to first check the physical address of the seller by which they are doing business, in the event, you didn’t find anyone, then its better to refrain away from such fake e-Commerce Car stores in Pakistan and just rely on Shaharyar Traders to always get authentic auto accessories.

It is advised that always try to buy genuine automobile accessories from authorized vendors or dealers. One can easily check the authenticity of the website by checking the reviews and ratings given by the verified buyers. Do not fall prey to low-price car accessories, because such cheap auto accessories are mostly of inferior quality or from outdated or obsolete stock.

One must check if the Car Accessories Shop is using the SSL certificate in their web portals like, as such websites are considered safe for online payments. There are hundreds of examples that millions of Rupees car get destroyed, damaged or burnt by using the substandard cheap car accessories.

You should always research, compare and analyze before making the final choice. It is necessary that you must spend at least an hour before ordering any products from car accessories online shop in Pakistan. In the event, you are in doubt or unsure about the quality of the product, then you should seek advice from the Auto Experts on various auto forums. You can also dial the number 0300.9447730 for the same purpose.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

All over the world, the automotive industry has strengthened its roots and above that, it’s growing rapidly. Likewise, in Pakistan, it’s taking big steps and several companies are competing with each other by showcasing their innovations. Now people are well aware of what they need for their vehicles and they are even passionate about the machinery, engine and tires of the vehicle. Everyone needs quality even if they just want to go for simple car modifications therefore most of people experiment with the car tires. As appropriate tires of the car enhance the chances of having a comfortable ride thus gives pleasing experience.

However, it’s not as simple task as it seems to choose the right tire with suitable alloy rim for the car. People often neglect the importance of balance between tire and alloy rim as its durability, maintenance, and reliability should be recognized. The most important thing after tire tubes are alloy rims, as people prefer them over steel wheels for a lot of reasons but one of the most prominent reasons is they’re good for low unsprung mass and agile performance. Accordingly, people are mostly looking for alloy rims for sale in Pakistan to modify their car tires. So there should be proper awareness about how we can increase the lifeline of alloy rims. Without further fuss, this article provides you with tips that will help you in increasing the life expectancy of alloy wheels.  

Periodic Maintenance: First of all, it is absolutely necessary to wash the alloy rims on a regular basis because dust particles and grime accumulate inside the notches and hinder the swift performance. So it is essential to clean the alloy rims thoroughly by using brushes and rinse it with water.

Quality Cleaners: Secondly, always remember that you have to use quality cleaners and polishers for alloy rims. As some rims are glossy in appearance so cheap cleaners will deteriorate the original appearance hence decrease the quality and car’s resale value.

Appropriate fitting: Thirdly, you have to go to auto shops regularly to get your car’s alloy rims checked if they are properly fitted or not because in this matter the negligence will lead to accidents as bumpy ride always results in a collision.

Width of tires: Fourthly, always use wider wall tires with alloy rims as it will decrease the risk of curb damage for alloy rims and increase their life marginally.

Tight the nuts: After first time installation of alloy rims, you have to ride for 50km to 70 km and then again check the tightness of nuts because loose nuts will result in lifetime bending of the wheels without being able to return to its original form and it can ultimately give a way to damage the tires.

Safe driving: Lastly, drive safely and avoid potholes as it will result in wear and tear of alloy rims and decrease the vehicle’s overall performance.

For further assistance, you can find different car care shops in every corner of the country. But if you want to have the best guidelines, affordable range of best car accessories, and want to buy alloy rims in Lahore then you should go for Shaharyar Traders. They will assist you with everything you need to know and you can buy anything you need for your plush car online from their website and on their shop display at attractive prices.

Posted By Hassan Baloch

All You Need To Know To Properly Clean Your Car’s Tyres

Car enthusiasts or other casual owners consider their automobiles a huge investment because they spend millions of their money on the type of car they want to own. Therefore, they keenly supervise their investment because it is natural to care of a product which one buys at a large price. They spending money on the maintenance and proper service of their vehicles as it is absolutely necessary to take care of interior and exterior of the car for its long life. Still, they often neglect one of the most crucial parts of a vehicle after engine, i.e., tire, which is more prone to wear and tear as it bears the rubbing against asphalt roads in all weathers.

As car tires are essential components of the vehicle to take care of so just keeping a proper check and maintenance would not complete the job but proper cleaning of the vehicle especially tires should be included. Precise cleaning of the tires and the exterior of car is the easiest way to improve the appearance and maintenance of the vehicle. Your vehicle’s tires will not only look good in appearance but it will also aid in increasing their life span and ultimately help you in saving your money. So, this action will save you from trouble in the long run directly or indirectly. People rush to the car care shops and search for tyres and wheels online Pakistan for “car wash” without considering that they can do it at their homes. However, there should be a proper guide to give awareness about how to clean the car and its tires. So let’s gear up because this article provides you the gist of five simple steps you need to know about cleaning the tire!

  1. First of all, gather all the things necessary for washing the car and all products should be of good quality so they could not deteriorate the tire and paint the car in any way. You need different buckets not a single one, a piece of cloth brushes for scrubbing, detergent, wax and buckets of water.
  2. Secondly, you need to start with the upper body of the car. Wash the upper body with water and detergent and clean the smudges of dirt, oil or grease with a piece of cloth and scrub it with a brush without damaging the paint of the car, move towards the wheels and use brushes for precise cleaning.
  3. Now you can move onto the tires. After washing them with water and detergent, you can use specifically manufactured cleaning products that are available in the market and are used for this purpose to clean the noticeable elements from wheels and tires. For this matter, you just have to read carefully the instructions written on their packing. This cleaning product can be in liquid, cream or spray form. It’s easy to apply the product on tires but you need to wait after applying it as it takes few moments to do its work.
  4. The second step in cleaning the tire is to scrub them. Clean the grooves and treads of the tire by using a proper brush. You have to wash it with water after each scrubbing so it’s necessary to wash one tire at a time. Make sure the crevices of the wheels are properly cleaned as the dust accumulates in this area and it needs precise scrubbing. Rinse and repeat!
  5. The third step is to wax the wheels and tires. After washing, dry the wheels and tires with a clean piece of cloth as it would not stick to the wet wheels. First, you have to apply the wax on wheels and then on the tires. It’s easy to apply the wax; you just have to go with the instructions written on the wax. It’s essential to apply the wax on the tires because it works as a sunblock for them and prevents them from damage caused by UV radiation. Furthermore, it protects the rubber of the tire from harmful and corrosive elements.

Hence, these simple but life-saving steps are highly important to save your time and money. For further awareness and to get the best car care accessories, all types of tires like internationally manufactured Continental, Yokohama, Michelin, Toyo and Goodrich, and car assistance, visit the online website of Shaharyar Traders and their shop as they are one of the best tyre shops in Lahore. You can get any type of guidance you need to clean or protect your car tires and can get brand new tires at affordable prices!



Posted By Hassan Baloch

Globally, the automotive industry is flourishing and introducing innovations rapidly. It brings good news for car zealots every now and then with new modification ideas. People are setting up their standards with the growing industry and ready to take every risk just to bring their cars in the spotlight. Therefore, they are experimenting with different things from LED lights to mufflers on car’s bonnet and God knows what! But it should be acceptable if one places expensive aftermarket air filters in their CNG car because after all you are the owner and it’s your choice how you want to upgrade its interior and even the overall look.

Although there are lots of ways through which you can modify your car through different car modification accessories Pakistan shops and there is nothing wrong with custom modification of car but there are few aspects that you must know before taking your car to alterations. This article provides you with some aspects which are as follows:

Know your car: First of all, you have to accustom yourself to the car as every car built and cabled differently. Before modification, you should know about things such as brake-force, the power to weight ratio, throttle response, gear ratios, suspension and chassis rigidity, etc. as these things are unique to every car. Therefore, you have to drive a car for at least two months to get acquainted with it.

Effects on resale value: Secondly, this fact should be kept in mind always that any kind of modification can put effects on the resale value of a car. As performance enhancement leads to the devaluation of the car so there is no question of money and quality. It is absolutely necessary for car enthusiasts to realize that they should not go for frantic experiences by compromising the reliability because it will ultimately cost them their life.

Unnecessary up-gradation: There are some precious parts of the car that require little to no alterations such as less restrictive air intakes, larger diameter catalyst-back exhaust, broad wheels and tires and high-performance car suspension system. No alterations to the original bodywork of these parts are recommended countrywide. It will not only prevent a car from devaluation but also save a handsome amount of money spent on upgrades.

Car compatibility: Before even thinking about car modification, you must know if your car is compatible with such alterations or not! Don’t go for the experiments that are not suitable for the car like one cannot put LED lights in Bolan tires, the muffler on the bonnet of their brand new Mehran and truck tires to their SUV. It would definitely become a torture for viewers! 

Cosmetic modification: There is a common trend among car owners in Pakistan that they want to make their cars superstar. There are some people in a country who have found ricer culture more attractive and they are making mistakes by assembling original bodywork. The alterations of things such as front or rear bumper extensions, side skirts and a trunk spoiler are not only impractical but also aid in a devaluation of car. Furthermore, it has been advised not to repaint your new car but preserve the original one by using paint sealers/protectors.

Periodic car service: Last but not the least, regular maintenance of a car is as important as your own health. Take your cars whether they are stock or modified to reliable car care shops and get checked car’s mobile oil, coolant, gear oil, brake fluid and battery fluid on a regular basis. It will prevent your car’s paint from fading and protect the car’s bodywork or frame from oxidation. For the interior, there should be high-quality car accessories placed and parachute car covers should be used to protect the car from dust.

Above mentioned conditions would be useful in deciding whether your car needs modifications or not. However, several shops and online forums and communities are ready to help you throughout the country. If you’re thinking about giving a personal touch to your car and want to modify it you will find a lot of places for car modification in Lahore including Shaharyar traders. You will get a variety of car modification accessories online and in-shop to alter the overall appearance of your plush car.


Posted By Hassan Baloch

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