Shaharyar Trader is a leading online car accessories store in Pakistan that deals in a wide range of top-quality car accessories under one roof.

The company has got nearly the complete range of Car Modification Accessories, Fog Lamps DRL Covers, Back Bumper Diffuser, Front Bumper Grill, Horns, Tyre Stickers, Door Handle, Door Guard, Car Silencer, Car Antenna, HID Lights, LED Lights, Car Back Camera, Car Seat Covers, Car Security Alarm System, Car Audio System, HD Android Panel, Tesla Android Panels, Alloy Rims, Tyres, Car Care products and so on.

The car accessories offered by the Shaharyar Traders can revamp the overall look of your car from old to new in no time. The company directly bought the car accessories directly from the original manufacturer to ensure that all its clients always get the original and authentic products for their beloved cars and automobiles.

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Hand Picked Accessories For Every Car Owner:

  1. Universal Car Back Camera:


The Universal Car Back Camera, as the name clearly indicates is a camera designed to install on the rear side of any vehicle. The main purpose of the car back camera is to show the real-time video display to the user during reverse or parking. The Universal car back camera is designed to install in any car with little modification.


The display of the car back camera can easily be integrated with the HD Android Panel and you can easily find the widest range of both Universal Car Back Camera and HD android panels from one and only Shaharyar Traders.


  1. Car Security Alarm System:


It is an undeniable fact that crime can affect anyone when you least expect it, the same formula also applies to your property, including Car. You wouldn’t believe this fact a bit that thieves and car hackers can easily break the security of your car and can steal your millions of Rupees with ease.


We have thousands of examples in daily life in which car hackers and thieves deprived car owners from their luxury and expensive car in a matter of minutes.


In order to enhance the security of your car and to discourage the attempts of car jackers, a simple device can do the magic and it is known as Car Security Alarm System.


The Car Security Alarm System is basically a device designed to send a real-time message and an indication to the car owner, if there is a likelihood that someone is trying to break the security of your car to perpetrate a crime.


The car security alarm system sends a timely indication with beeps to car owners, which allows car owners to immediately launch counteraction to prevent the crime. This product can also be bought from Shaharyar Traders.