The automotive industry is growing at fast pace, likewise the car zealots are motivating themselves with their own made up trends according to their taste. Car modification in Lahore and overall in Pakistan was grown after first fast & furious movie, it inspired the entire generation to ride in a stylish car. People started admiring modified cars whether they look too fancy to others. But that shouldn’t be the problem here because if you own a car you can do whatever you want with it, after all it’s your own choice!

Shaharyar Traders care for whatever you need that’s why we are helping every car zealot in experimenting with his car. We are giving you so many options in car modification accessories’ section online and you can visit our shop as well for this purpose. Every car owner wants his vehicle to be unique and safe, but most of the cars become more stylish but less reliable after modification. Like if you would add a muffler onto Mehran’s bonnet; it would look overwhelming and make your vehicle prone to accidental damages. Likewise, it depends on your choice whether you want to decorate the rim of your Suzuki Bolan with LED lights and make it a nightmare for the people or you want to skip this idea. After all, the right choice makes your car more attractive and safe. Shaharyar Traders do not want your money to get wasted and put you in lifetime regret. We are giving you an opportunity to modify your new or old cars as well! There’s no need to worry as you have so many options here for interior and exterior car modification equipments and accessories:

Interior Modifications:

It’s our utmost desire to add bells and whistles to the cars of our enthusiastic customers. For this, we are helping you out with our extensive range of best and cheap car modification accessories in Pakistan. Our list got the best range of international standard Salancers, attractive and durable shift knob covers and hand brake lever cover pads. As technology is flourishing at high rate and people are exploring themselves with new things available in market, we have stored everything according to your taste. We have wide variety of modern and electromagnetic horns, durable steering wheel spinner knob and steering wheel cover. Every car has exclusively designed seat covers which can be modified according to the owner’s choice of fabric, color and design. But there are some necessary precautions to protect the interior of car with things like auto folding sun shades, and we have all types of such sun shades and also a wide variety of reliable side curtain raisers. Besides car’s exterior, its interior is totally focused on attractive seat covers and extended dash boards. We have solved this problem by providing you a long list of beatified, strong wooden dashboards. Adorable interior cold lights are also available in attractive and cheap prices. Furthermore, we have voluminous collection of high quality HID Lights 55 Watts, air filter & air intake pipes, JDM password hood separator, glass holder, wooden arm rest, gear cover, gear knob.

Exterior Modifications:

Books are judged by their covers, that saying is so rightly said. Likewise, a car can be judged by its outlook that’s why every car admirer thinks of modification as his need. And we are rooting for such admirers and ready to help them through our best car modification in Lahore. We have vast and tempting range of everything you need to modify your car exteriorly and making it more attractive for the people or maybe for your own satisfaction. Wide range of Antennas, corrosion resistant paints, high quality and distinctively designed door guards, door handles, door lights are listed in car modification accessories online section. Elegantly designed side mirrors would give your car an alluring look and fortunately we have all types of side mirrors. As there is a trend of beautifying rims with fancy LED lights so we’re giving out them on your own choice. We have car tyre stickers specially made for Corolla and Honda but we also provide you with customization option. Besides this, tyre nozzle, rubber sill plates for Corolla, front grills for Corolla and Honda are also available in attractive prices. You’ll find all you need right here!