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Not every online car accessories store always offers genuine and top quality car accessories to its customers like Shaharyar Traders. We have got years of experience in the domain of car accessories and we have got the widest range of internal and external car accessories meant for different vehicles. At our physical or virtual shop, you can find the complete range of Car Audio System, Tesla Android Panels, Android Panels, Amplifiers, Cameras, Stereo Components, Head Units, headrest & Mirror Screens, Speakers, Tweeters, Woofers, Car Care Products, Car Security Alarm system at one place.

We also got the complete range of Pioneer Stereo Components, including the Pioneer TS-A1600C 6.5” 2-way Component Speaker System. The Pioneer stereo components come with the combination of 2 numbers of 2-way component speakers and it also comes with 2 numbers of tweeters.

The Pioneer Stereo Component can easily make your car a stereo powerhouse in minutes.

Features Of Car Stereo Components:

Car Stereo Components come with a lot of features. Some of them are as under:

Tuning Feature:

A number of latest car stereo components come with the option of tuning. The tuning feature allows the user to easily customize the car stereo just by changing some knobs and controls their head unit. The most common tuning features consist of Treble, Bass, Equalizer Band and so on.

The channel of Equalizer Band also helps to play an important role in enhancing the overall sound quality of the car. The Equalizer comes in the 5-8 bands that help the user to easily tweak the car stereo system as per their need in seconds.


The tweeter is basically a high frequency speaker that install with the speaker, woofer and subwoofer system. It is generally advisable to install the tweeter at the equal level of speaker and woofer to avoid the sound conflict.

As the car stereo components already come with the set of tweeters and other speaker peripherals, so it allows the user to easily install the car stereo component in their car without the need to purchasing other speaker peripherals from the market by spending thousand of rupees.

The latest car stereo component comes with the built-in tweeter system. These tweeters are already connected with the speaker systems, so you just have to power on the speaker and the tweeter will also get power from the speaker.