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It is a fact that the value of the car only increases by selecting and installing genuine car accessories. This is so, because every accessory of car is subject to wear & tear after sometime and it needs proper replacement to keep the car in well-maintained condition all the time. Please note that the car accessories also come in low quality. These accessories usually come with a low price tag. The low price tag is basically a trick to trap the buyer. Please note that the low priced car accessories are very harmful for your vehicle and it can cause irreversible damage to your vehicle in the long run.

It is therefore recommended to always buy car accessories from genuine and credible online car accessories store, including the Shaharyar Traders. You can find the complete range of external and internal car accessories in our virtual and physical shop.

Here, you can also find the complete range of JBL Stereo Components, including the BL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System, JBL Stage 600C 6-1/2" Component System.

JBL is not a strange name to the car stereo system. The JBL GTO609C is a premium quality JBL component that comes with all the stereo components. The sound quality of these speaker components is simply amazing and mind blowing. This product also comes with the dedicated tweeter, so you don’t have to purchase an additional tweeter from the market.

All About Car Stereo Components:

The car stereo component consists of many peripherals. Some of them are discussed below:


The modern car stereo component comes with the Amplifier. This is widely regarded as the second major component that every car stereo system needs. The main purpose to install the amplifier is to enhance the audio signal. Without the use of an amplifier, the audio signals will be too weak to move the cones of the speakers.


The modern car stereo component also comes with the different set of speakers and tweeters. The basic type of car stereo components comes with at least two speakers and tweeters in different viable configurations. The latest stereo components also come with the other set of woofers, subwoofers and midrange speakers to increase and enhance the sound quality of car stereo system. Some car audio system combines woofer and tweeter into a single coaxial speaker system to get the best possible sound.