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If you fed up looking original and authentic car accessories store in Pakistan, then there is nothing to worry and lose heart as Shaharyar Traders is there to help you for all your car accessories and car care needs. All the car enthusiasts can find the complete range of car accessories in our physical and virtual outlet, including the Car Seat Covers, Car Security Alarm System Tyres, Alloy Rims, Car Care Products, Car Polishes, Fog Lights, HID Lights, Fog Lamps DRL Covers, Bonnet Guards, Door Guard and so on.

All of these accessories are imported from different countries, including Thailand, to always give you the best quality you demanded for.

You can also find the complete range of Focal Stereo Components, including the Focal RSE-165 Auditor Series 6-1/2" Component System. The quality of this stereo component is simply amazing and mind blowing.

Significance of Car Stereo Components:

Stereo components are considered as the most important component of any car stereo system. This is so, because stereo components include the combination of different speakers. Speakers draw an amplified current and then it converts the current to the mechanical energy to move the cones of the speaker back and forth at different intervals to produce sound.

Please note that the sound consists of vibrations in the air that we usually listen and the cones of speaker help to create these vibrations. The human ear has the capability to hear these vibrations at a frequency range of about 20 Hz to 20 KHz.

Combination of Speakers and Woofers in Car Components:

The car components can also be configured and integrated with the woofers and subwoofers. Usually, woofers and subwoofers are like large speakers and they designed to produce only low-frequency bass sounds. These large woofers and subwoofers usually draw power from the amplifier. These woofers can further be configured with the tweeters that are designed to produce upper treble frequencies.

In a majority of car stereo systems, three speaker systems of various sizes combined on one frame to create three-way speaker system. For instance, the coaxial speaker helps to mount a small tweeter directly above its surface that creates the full-range speaker from two different drivers.

In order to get the most out of your speaker systems, the speaker, woofers, subwoofers and tweeters must be configured properly with the right and left hand mid bass drivers and tweeters.