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If you have fallen victim of purchasing fake car accessories from different vendors, then rest assured that you are not alone in this, as there are hundreds of thousands of customers who have preyed by such fake car accessory vendors. These accessories are given are rock cheap rates and this is the main factor that different buyers get attracted to them and they end up having a bad experience. It is always recommended to first check the authenticity of any store before placing any order to avoid any probable fraud afterwards.

Shaharyar Traders is a credible online car accessories shop in Lahore that offers the complete range of auto accessories under one roof. You can find the complete range of Android Panels, Tesla Android Panels, Car Seat Covers, Car Stereo Components, Speakers, and Woofers at one place.

We also have the biggest collection of Infinity Stereo Components, including the Infinity 1630i Reference 2 Way Component Speaker System, Infinity REF6520CX 2-Way Component System (With Edge-Driven Textile Tweeters - Pair,6.5" 540W Reference Series), amongst others.

Three Advantages Of Component Speakers:

There are numerous advantages of using the component speakers. Some of them are as follows:

Better Sound Clarity:

After installing the car component on your vehicle, you will experience the sound quality at a level which you probably haven’t experienced anywhere before. The car component gives you the maximum sound clarity by minimizing all the internal and external sound coming in and out of your vehicle.

The stereo component also comes with the set of other components, including the tweeter, so it also helps to save your extra money afterwards.


The stereo component also comes with the different set of tweeters. The Tweeter are basically the small speaker like devices that can easily handle the delicacies of the higher frequency systems. It is a fact that the higher frequencies are more directional than the lower frequencies, so it is very important to mount the tweeter as close to the ear level in the vehicle as possible to get the best results.

The tweeters should also be installed as close to the woofers and subwoofers to avoid reaching the different frequencies at different intervals to your ears. It is generally advisable to install the tweeter in the same left and right configuration that same way you install other speaker systems in your vehicle.