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If you always want to upgrade your car with the latest accessories, then you can easily do so just by installing different types of car accessories from Shaharyar Traders. Shaharyar Traders is a top rated car accessories store that deals in the entire range of Car Audio System, Android Panels, Car Amplifiers, Car Cameras, Car Stereo Components, Head Units, Woofers, Speakers, Headrest and Mirror Screens, Car Seat Covers, Car Care Products, Car Security Alarm System, Car Modification Accessories and so on.

All the music lovers can also find the complete range of Car Amplifiers and Car Stereo Components. We have the largest collection of Edge Stereo Components, including the Edge Audio 6.5 Inch 165 mm 2 Way Component Speaker.

The stereo component system also comes with the tweeter along with the main base speaker, so you can easily enjoy your favorite tracks at its fullest.

Why You Should Opt for Best Quality Stereo Components?

Please note that if your car does not have quality stereo components, then it simply does not matter how good the components in your car are. The car stereo system is one such component whose performance and quality cannot be hidden from the other people on and off the road. The car stereo component reflects the overall quality and build of your vehicle.

Important Characteristics of Selecting Best Quality Car Stereo Components?

There are many important factors, which must be taken into context when selecting stereo components. Some of them are as follows:

Power Output: 

The power output is considered as the most important factor in selecting the stereo components. The car stereo components are usually characterized in Watts per channel. It means that the stereo component is capable to power stereo system with ease.


Please note that the size of the two different stereo components are not exactly the same. This is why, you simply cannot ignore this fact a bit. It does not matter how much you want a particular model system to fit in your vehicle to work with. So, it is necessary to first make a good account of the available space in your car before purchasing any size of stereo components.


This is the third most important factor in selecting the car stereo components. Usually, the stereo components with more features comes with a high price tag and vice versa.