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Car Stereo System is a huge domain and there are almost thousands of accessories that falls under the stereo domain that you can purchase for your vehicle. There are many companies engaged in the manufacturing of car stereo components and selecting the one company, among dozens is not an easy job at all. In the same way, there are also dozens of online car accessories shop in Pakistan that offers the top of the line car stereo components. One of such credible and well-managed online car accessories store based in Lahore that offers its services throughout Pakistan.

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Here, you can also find the complete range of Solid Audio Amplifiers, including the Solid Audio F-43 4CH Amplifier, Solider Audio F-45 4CH Amplifier and so on.

Both of these amplifiers are coming in 4 channel configurations, so all the users can easily install up to 4 speakers and woofers in different combination.

Do You Really Need Solid Audio Amplifier?

Please note that the overall power of the car stereo dependent on the power of the car amplifier. It is an undeniable fact that the majority of car owners are simply not satisfied with the stock car stereo system in their vehicles, So, they want to upgrade their vehicle stereo system to get the most out of their speakers and to enjoy their favorite music system at its fullest.

The stock stereo system is not designed to handle adequate power and they can only handle low powered music.

Power of Car Amplifier:

The car amplifier basically acts as the power house that provides power to all the stereo component of your vehicle. Usually, the car amplifier is classified according to different channels, including mono, 2 channel, 3 channels, 4 channels, 5 channels, and so on. Please note that the more the channels the higher the capability of car amplifier would be.

One amplifier is usually enough to power all the stereo peripherals of your car. For instance, if you opt to go for subwoofer replacing the old speaker, then the ideal power of that subwoofer can be supplied by the amplifier.