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Take Advantage Of Cerwin Vega Amplifiers - Read These 8 Tips

It is a fact that not all the online car accessories vendors offer the complete range of car accessories at least possible rates in Pakistan. There are dozens of car accessories store operating in Pakistan, which doesn’t even have an outlet. Such stores are almost 99% fake, because they hide their locality to avoid the direct interfering with customers.

You should only opt for those car accessories shop in Pakistan that have given the clear address of their physical outlet. The best example of such car accessories store is Shaharyar Traders, as it also has given the clear address of its various outlets in Lahore.

The store deals in the complete range of car audio systems, including Car Amplifiers, Android Panels, Components, Head Units, Headrest and Mirror Screen, Woofers, Speakers, Cameras, Car Seat Covers, Car Care Products, Alloys Rims, Tires, Car Modifications Kit and so on.

You can find the complete range of revolutionary Cerwin Vega Amplifiers, including the Cerwin Vega HED300.2 300W MAX HED Series 2-Channel Class AB Car Amplifier. The amplifier is basically a 2-channel amplifier designed to power up to 2 speakers or in the combination of 1 subwoofer and 1 speaker or solely 2 speakers.

Understanding Channel System of Car Amplifier:

The car amplifiers are classified into different categories based on the channels.

Mono (1-Channel) Amplifiers: 

The Mono Amplifier is the simplest type of amplifier designed to power either one speaker or subwoofer. This type of amplifier is specifically designed for those individuals that prefers low-pass filter and bass Equalizer to reproduce bass note with clarity.

2-Channel Amplifiers:

This is also the simplest form of car amplifier with the exception that it is designed to give power to 2 different speakers. The 2-channel amplifier is an ideal system to power in the combination of either the 2 Speakers, 2-Subwoofers, one speaker and one subwoofer.

3 and 4 Channel Amplifiers:

All those users who wish to use multiple speaker and subwoofer in their vehicles, should opt for either 3 or 4 channel amplifiers, according to the quantity of speaker in their car. The 3-channel amplifier can easily power 3 different speakers, subwoofers or the combination of 2 speakers, 1 subwoofer or 2 subwoofer or 1 speaker.


In the same way, the 4 channel amplifier is designed to power 4 speaker system, including the subwoofer in different combinations.