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All You Need To Know To Properly Clean Your Car’s Tyres

Car enthusiasts or other casual owners consider their automobiles a huge investment because they spend millions of their money on the type of car they want to own. Therefore, they keenly supervise their investment because it is natural to care of a product which one buys at a large price. They spending money on the maintenance and proper service of their vehicles as it is absolutely necessary to take care of interior and exterior of the car for its long life. Still, they often neglect one of the most crucial parts of a vehicle after engine, i.e., tire, which is more prone to wear and tear as it bears the rubbing against asphalt roads in all weathers.

As car tires are essential components of the vehicle to take care of so just keeping a proper check and maintenance would not complete the job but proper cleaning of the vehicle especially tires should be included. Precise cleaning of the tires and the exterior of car is the easiest way to improve the appearance and maintenance of the vehicle. Your vehicle’s tires will not only look good in appearance but it will also aid in increasing their life span and ultimately help you in saving your money. So, this action will save you from trouble in the long run directly or indirectly. People rush to the car care shops and search for tyres and wheels online Pakistan for “car wash” without considering that they can do it at their homes. However, there should be a proper guide to give awareness about how to clean the car and its tires. So let’s gear up because this article provides you the gist of five simple steps you need to know about cleaning the tire!

  1. First of all, gather all the things necessary for washing the car and all products should be of good quality so they could not deteriorate the tire and paint the car in any way. You need different buckets not a single one, a piece of cloth brushes for scrubbing, detergent, wax and buckets of water.
  2. Secondly, you need to start with the upper body of the car. Wash the upper body with water and detergent and clean the smudges of dirt, oil or grease with a piece of cloth and scrub it with a brush without damaging the paint of the car, move towards the wheels and use brushes for precise cleaning.
  3. Now you can move onto the tires. After washing them with water and detergent, you can use specifically manufactured cleaning products that are available in the market and are used for this purpose to clean the noticeable elements from wheels and tires. For this matter, you just have to read carefully the instructions written on their packing. This cleaning product can be in liquid, cream or spray form. It’s easy to apply the product on tires but you need to wait after applying it as it takes few moments to do its work.
  4. The second step in cleaning the tire is to scrub them. Clean the grooves and treads of the tire by using a proper brush. You have to wash it with water after each scrubbing so it’s necessary to wash one tire at a time. Make sure the crevices of the wheels are properly cleaned as the dust accumulates in this area and it needs precise scrubbing. Rinse and repeat!
  5. The third step is to wax the wheels and tires. After washing, dry the wheels and tires with a clean piece of cloth as it would not stick to the wet wheels. First, you have to apply the wax on wheels and then on the tires. It’s easy to apply the wax; you just have to go with the instructions written on the wax. It’s essential to apply the wax on the tires because it works as a sunblock for them and prevents them from damage caused by UV radiation. Furthermore, it protects the rubber of the tire from harmful and corrosive elements.

Hence, these simple but life-saving steps are highly important to save your time and money. For further awareness and to get the best car care accessories, all types of tires like internationally manufactured Continental, Yokohama, Michelin, Toyo and Goodrich, and car assistance, visit the online website of Shaharyar Traders and their shop as they are one of the best tyre shops in Lahore. You can get any type of guidance you need to clean or protect your car tires and can get brand new tires at affordable prices!

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