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Globally, the automotive industry is flourishing and introducing innovations rapidly. It brings good news for car zealots every now and then with new modification ideas. People are setting up their standards with the growing industry and ready to take every risk just to bring their cars in the spotlight. Therefore, they are experimenting with different things from LED lights to mufflers on car’s bonnet and God knows what! But it should be acceptable if one places expensive aftermarket air filters in their CNG car because after all you are the owner and it’s your choice how you want to upgrade its interior and even the overall look.

Although there are lots of ways through which you can modify your car through different car modification accessories Pakistan shops and there is nothing wrong with custom modification of car but there are few aspects that you must know before taking your car to alterations. This article provides you with some aspects which are as follows:

Know your car: First of all, you have to accustom yourself to the car as every car built and cabled differently. Before modification, you should know about things such as brake-force, the power to weight ratio, throttle response, gear ratios, suspension and chassis rigidity, etc. as these things are unique to every car. Therefore, you have to drive a car for at least two months to get acquainted with it.

Effects on resale value: Secondly, this fact should be kept in mind always that any kind of modification can put effects on the resale value of a car. As performance enhancement leads to the devaluation of the car so there is no question of money and quality. It is absolutely necessary for car enthusiasts to realize that they should not go for frantic experiences by compromising the reliability because it will ultimately cost them their life.

Unnecessary up-gradation: There are some precious parts of the car that require little to no alterations such as less restrictive air intakes, larger diameter catalyst-back exhaust, broad wheels and tires and high-performance car suspension system. No alterations to the original bodywork of these parts are recommended countrywide. It will not only prevent a car from devaluation but also save a handsome amount of money spent on upgrades.

Car compatibility: Before even thinking about car modification, you must know if your car is compatible with such alterations or not! Don’t go for the experiments that are not suitable for the car like one cannot put LED lights in Bolan tires, the muffler on the bonnet of their brand new Mehran and truck tires to their SUV. It would definitely become a torture for viewers! 

Cosmetic modification: There is a common trend among car owners in Pakistan that they want to make their cars superstar. There are some people in a country who have found ricer culture more attractive and they are making mistakes by assembling original bodywork. The alterations of things such as front or rear bumper extensions, side skirts and a trunk spoiler are not only impractical but also aid in a devaluation of car. Furthermore, it has been advised not to repaint your new car but preserve the original one by using paint sealers/protectors.

Periodic car service: Last but not the least, regular maintenance of a car is as important as your own health. Take your cars whether they are stock or modified to reliable car care shops and get checked car’s mobile oil, coolant, gear oil, brake fluid and battery fluid on a regular basis. It will prevent your car’s paint from fading and protect the car’s bodywork or frame from oxidation. For the interior, there should be high-quality car accessories placed and parachute car covers should be used to protect the car from dust.

Above mentioned conditions would be useful in deciding whether your car needs modifications or not. However, several shops and online forums and communities are ready to help you throughout the country. If you’re thinking about giving a personal touch to your car and want to modify it you will find a lot of places for car modification in Lahore including Shaharyar Traders. You will get a variety of car modification accessories online and in-shop to alter the overall appearance of your plush car.

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